Are beauty/skin care products worth their exorbitant prices?

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    I am especially revolted by the prices of so called luxury ayurvedic products. From my personal experience, I know that many of these products, especially oils are priced exorbitantly, often the price for 100/200 ml of product is closer to the expense of preparing a liter of it. Are all these cosmetics and skincare products worth splurging on? Perhaps they are useful, but I think they are often exploiting either their brand name or the goodwill of tags like ‘research’, ‘organic’ and ‘cruelty free’

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     Saloni_fizzy sparkles 

    That is so shocking to hear :high5: :high5: real ayurvedic stores will always sell it for lesser prices and I have seen that their products work as good as the brands :high5: but people usually get attracted to tags like pure and cold-pressed, then they have to end up paying for it :headbang:

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      Sometimes words like ‘shock’ and ‘horror’ are understatements if you consider my feelings on seeing the price of products. :pan: :pan: :pan: :pan:

      For example, I accidentally saw the price of neem oil in some online stores(that prompted this post). It was in the range of 600-800(MRP- Rs. 795) for <200 ml. Last week I bought 100 ml neem oil from a shop my neighbourhood for Rs. 40. Neem is something that grows almost everywhere in India, isn’t it?

      Expense of making Neelibhringadi oil is only ~1000-1500 rupees for 1 liter. Since they procure raw ingredients on a large scale, for manufacturers, it is even cheaper for them. Nalpamaradi oil is even cheaper but they put a ‘de-tan’ tag and everyone falls for it. Since we do not make Kumkumadi oil at home, I do not know its price but at Kottakkal, it is less than 400 for 10 ml.

      I know that mass production and sales involves other expenses and at the end of the day, profit is important but these prices are just exorbitant. Use some catchwords, put in dark bottles with elegant desi or intricate exotic labels and no one cares about the price or even quality.

      And none of these products work overnight. So people have to keep on spending money if they really want any result.

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    If you are asking about Ayurvedic from luxury brands then most of them are not. Firstly, they hide ingredient list & just disclose ‘ active ingredients ‘. Active ingredients when come in contact with oxygen loose their efficacy after few weeks. So, all this natural product is nothing but shitty marketing idea to fool the customers.

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      I do not know about new gen products like ‘kumkumadi creams’ but traditional products usually have pretty good shelf life(at least one year). But most ayurvedic products use liquids like juices extracted from different parts of the plant, milk etc. and the concoction is slowly heated to reach a particular consistency. If that is not done correctly, products will get spoiled easily due to moisture content. Also, rather than opening a bottle and using the product directly from it, transfer some product to a small bottle. It will keep the product fresh and minimise the contact with air and humidity.

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     Gunjan R 

    It’s like asking whether Ambani did the right thing building a $2 billion house. What’s exorbitant for us, maybe just a meager amount for others. I believe that most brands don’t justify the customers by providing a small quantity for an unreasonable price. But, if it’s fetching you the results you wanted in even that small quantity, then no price is exorbitant.

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    ShikhaSS ShikhaSS 

    Not each and every product offered is worth the price. I prefer to do some research before buying expensive products so that I am sure that I’ll get good value for money.

    Don't Worry, Be Sexy! ;)

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    When I compare these high-end luxury ayurvedic brands with authentic brands such as Kottakal ayurveda, I feel the authentic ones have better quality products at nominal prices. Luxury brands maybe be offering the same product, but the prices are way too high.

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      Last day I was shocked when I saw the price of neem oil in an online shopping site. It is something neighbour regularly applies all over his cows :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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    I agree with the exorbitant prices. I prefer buying oil from authentic brands rather than luxury brands. THere was a time I was crazy with all so called luxury brands or skin care. Money was spent like water, but I hardly noticed any changes on my stubborn skin. SO finally have found better dupes in terms of ingredients and even efficiency, for far less price :pompom:

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      I do not endorse the use of dupes, but it is alright to get things from genuine brands offering similarly good products at reasonable rates

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      my meaning of ‘dupe’ , was a similar one, not exactly the duplicate. The ones I am talking about are authentic ones without the name tag.

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    aruna aruna 

    What an interesting topic for discussion :) I am of the opinion that some brands are overly expensive. I have been using VLCC for many years now and Oil of Olay before that and both these are priced sensibly. I think with natural products such as Neem, almond, Aloe vera which are for the most part used in hair Oils, eye creams, body creams or even face washes to a certain extent one should not be paying more because a lot of these ingredients are the natural ones.

    I would not however mind paying a little more for a cosmetic Item which suits my skin type because I don’t want to take a risk there. (I personally think about a 1000 or 1500 bucks for Concealers, Foundations are worth :))

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