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     Renuka Reddy 

    Hi Girls,can you please suggest me some nice shower gel,lotion combo (Body Shop is on my mind,but not sure about specific fragrance) and I am looking for the one whose fragrance is long lasting.
    P.S I love the fragrance of Strawberry,Pomegranate,Rose,Vanilla :drool:

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    thecheekyDNA thecheekyDNA 

    :scared: :scared: :scared: :scared: :scared: All i know about bath products is The Body Shop

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    nupoor_n nupoor_n 

    Forrest essentials has a good range, bit pricey though. I know of TBS. If anyone is coming from the US, Bath and Body works offers good range as well.

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    Shivangi.Chauhan Shivangi.Chauhan 

    Body shop is there. i love bath and body products from Marks and Spencers as well. Showers gels from Skin Cottage are also good. I am currently using one of them. Grace cole has some good bath products.

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     Saloni_fizzy sparkles 

    The body shop is the best one to go for.. apart from that, if you can buy online then VS and Bath and Body works have the best and long-lasting fragrance ever.. but if you would ask me for the best, then The Body Shop strawberry range is awesome :high5: :high5:

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    – The body shop
    – Kama Ayurveda
    – Forest essentials

    All these brands has amazing bath and body care products. If you want long lasting fragrance then go for Forest essentials or Kama. Body shop products fragrance doesn’t last long, until you layer it with different products from the same range. :smile:

    Also, you can check out Gia artisan skincare too, but she doesn’t have a store. She sells her products online. :smile:

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       Renuka Reddy 

      Special Thanks to you Madhur..for introducing GIA to me.. its so amazing that I just did a huge haul.. its so tempting.. :drool: Cant wait for the Products to come :balle:

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      Haina :biggrin: I love handmade soaps and her other products are also awesome :yes: Glad to help you. :smile:

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    ShikhaSS ShikhaSS 

    Bath and Body Works and The Body Shop are my favs! And their fragrance last long as well. :dance:

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     Renuka Reddy 

    thanks to all the Beautiful Ladies for the Best suggestions..i Just did a huge haul from Gia Artisan :makeup:

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    pllvb pllvb 

    The Body shop it is for me! I think citrus based fragrances are long lasting and makes one feel fresh :smile:

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