Best products for breakouts and dandruff for a student

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    Ahanachat136 Ahanachat136 

    Hello ladies!

    I recently shifted to hostel and since then my skin care regime has somehow gone for a toss! It’s like you have a shared washroom, so you can’t really take time cleansing scrubbing so on. Now my skin has started behaving crazily; my skin which was clear till now (except for a minor occasional pimple) is plagued with breakouts. :headbang: Cheeks, forehead nose: every part has these pesky red bumps. :waa: And to add to the woes, I got severe dandruff! Just in a few days so much happened! :( Since I can’t try out much products, suggest some foolproof products: To cure dandruff and clear my skin. All suggestions welcome.

    P.S: I am a student always in debt.

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    Hey u can use nilac A during nite…its quiet effective n budget frndly…it clears the acne n marks too.. :makeup:

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    RockingRicha RockingRicha 

    Cetaphil cleanser for sensitive product i have ever used till date.

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    Captain obvious Captain obvious 

    Add 2 spoons of lemon to half / quarter cup of curd , apply it on your scalp , leave it for an hour and wash it with an anti danruff shampoo. do this once a week.this will provide relief from itching and reduce dandruff .Make sure you wash your hair whenever your scalp starts getting oily.
    And for skin , for now avoid products that are comedogenic . Wash your face using Himalaya neem face wash or the clean and clear foaming wash. If your skin in on sensitive or dry side , go for cetaphil cleanser.
    Lotus uv matte gel n suncoat gel are acne safe sunscreen .
    There a lot of spot treatment and face packs reviewed on imbb.
    Avoid using toner and harsh scrubs.
    Your acne is triggered possibly due to change in lifestyle, stress , weather visit a dermatologist .

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     Saloni_fizzy sparkles 
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    Saloni suggested so many good options. Breakouts could possibly be due to dandruff issues and not maintaining a proper skin care routine. It’s difficult to do so while in college, but maintain a basic routine so that your skin won’t suffer.

    1) Keep a good face wash with you. I like Cetaphil cleanser –
    and Neutrogena cleanser

    2)Do not ever skip the sunscreen.

    3) Use an anti-dandruff shampoo. Nizoral shampoo is really good and effective.

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    Once you get rid of dandruff, breakouts will go away too. In all probability.

    Use an antidandruff shampoo or home remedies. You can do a lemon water rise after shampoo. Or apply yoghurt before hair wash. As you do these remedies, change the pillow cover very often. May be twice in a week.
    If the breakouts are hormonal,you may may need to visit a doctor.

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    René René 

    Dandruff can cause acne. For acne, try Medimix face wash. :yes:

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    i think dandruff is leading to the bumps. Treat the dandruff and do not oil the scalp for some time. Shatone Plus works magic on my hair, it is expensive but it is my HG for all woes. It treats dandruff, stops hairfall, nourishes hair. Rest you can follow the links Saloni shared :yes:

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