Broke up with my lover but now I want him back

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     madhu sanjitha 

    Our relationship started in 2013. Then we had a break for about an year because I wanted him to study and go to US. His mom wanted him to go. During this time his family came to know about this and they started opposing. He is a very good person by nature. I left him for that one year without telling any reason. So after he went to US I spoke with him and we reunited after that. Things were fine! In 2015 in my family they saw my horoscope and they said if I marry him he would die because I have strong mangalikdhosa. I was only 20 by then. I was frighten and said OK for the guy whom they saw. I was really afraid that he would die. so to avoid him I said I lost my virginity all. I know I was very abusive. he got very hurt. I got engaged with the guy whom my family saw. But after few months I realized I couldn’t be with anyone else other than my lover. That engaged guy was also cheating me. he was involved with other girl and we didn’t sync at all. So i was feeling guilty to go back to my lover as well. then after a year I got guts to approach my lover. But now he totally avoids me. he blocked me everywhere. I don’t know what to do to convince him. pls tell me some suggestions. :makeup: Relati

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    He may have someone else in his life. You really need to let it go.

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     madhu sanjitha 

    No sanjeevji he doesn’t have anyone. Am sure bout it.

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     Saloni_fizzy sparkles 

    I think you guys stayed apart for a very long time and that is the reason that he might have lost all the feelings for you, he might not be feeling the same way with you now.. I think you should let go, because he would have spoken to you there and then itself if he had feelings.. Do forget these two people since it may mess up your life, make a fresh start and get a bit busy in your life, do things that you like and you will forget them just like they moved on …

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