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    Esha Esha 

    I have seen a lot of people complain about cold is not effective like hot wax..even the Imbb review we have tells even if it is easier to use..we avoid it.
    Today I viisted a parlour for waxing n they use cold wax.the secret is to apply the wax on the stripping paper instead of your arms our legs. Apply powder on your body. Apply the wax on the paper in a thick later…now you can paste the paper on your send n legs n pull against hair growth..
    One paper will remove all hair from one arm…2 for a leg…
    Just for underarm you need to apply the wax directly..😊

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    Hey Esha,

    I have tried cold wax on legs before the same way we use hot wax and it worked. But unfortunately it didn’t work on hands. I will try this method. Does sound interesting. Thanks for sharing it :)

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    Sheetal Sheetal 

    Hey this is something new method .. will def try this :dance:

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    Vinnimeow Vinnimeow 

    O wow. You are a keen observer Esha. I toh just lie down and wait for it to get over. I hate waxing. :headbang: Have been thinking of laser since long.

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     Saloni_fizzy sparkles 

    wooooooow that’s a really nice method.. It happened a lot of times with me that i applied the cold wax and it doesn’t remove all the hair and at time I just pulled out half of the wax.. it used to be very annoying because waxing the same place again and again caused a lot of pain.. thanks a lot for sharing this tip :high5:

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     mansi jain 

    Wow thanks for sharing this Esha!

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