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    HI girls, my problem is currently i am working in a company and i want to quit. ITS Been 9 months and its my firfirst job..i am very good at designing kurties and i am planning to start a page on instagram to sell my designer clothing. BUT i am worried as will it going to work or not ?? WHAT if that thing didn’t work out???i feel that then who will give me my next job with so little experience and a break!! PLEASE suggest what should i do ?? Quit the job and focus on my idea of business?? or continue with this horrible job ? Plus i want to add that after this job i dont want to opt for job thinf because it becomes boring routin and i hate bosses thing and politics. It ruined my mental peace

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     mansi jain 

    Try the middle option, start your page work on it. Get in touch with bloggers and ask them to mention it. Be extremely active when it comes to replying on instgram and fb. and keep your page running by posting every day, don’t worry about it becoming or not becoming a success for now. Focus on your work. For the job I would say leave it if you don’t like it or keep working till you start earning decent amount from your page.

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    ArpitaNandi ArpitaNandi 

    Kity, please don’t get upset so soon. It’s your first job, and starting a career is a huge step in most of our lives. Moving from the student lifestyle that we have followed for so many years, where we had guardians like teachers and seniors to guide us at every step of the way and had to study from a specified syllabus; to the life of a working woman with no guides, working with people whose net work exp is more than our ages itself and to find ourselves drowning in an ocean of technical knowledge, is a difficult transitions, and even more so in some situations like yours. Keep at it, however, and don’t lose hope. the first year is oftentimes the worst (I have a net exp of more than 5 years, and I’m speaking for myself- the months immediately after my training period were the worst). Once you overcome the first year or so, you’ll start to get a better feel of the workplace. Hang on until then to see if you still truly hate the job. Also, check if the problem is with the field you’re working in, or your company in particularly. If it is the latter, you can seek a better employer, and see if you start liking your work. Many a times when we really want to be in a different job, we start to look at our current jobs with a lot of hatred, and being to find major faults in relatively minor issues. Introspect if that’s the case with you,and if it is partly prejudice that’s making you hate the job.

    Regd the kurti designing thing, you should totally start taking baby steps towards your dream. I’m sure that if one is totally passionate about something (like you’re about designing), then they will never lose that passion. Make some nice designs during your free time or when you’re feeling stressed out, and seek tailors to bring the idea to life. Start looking for people to buy it. Feel the pulse of customers and see if their tastes match your offerings. If they do, then it’s a jackpot, and once you start seeing success (at least enough to sustain your basic needs, and your business), that would be a good time to start planning your resignation at office.

    I come from a business family and I’ve seen what happens when businesses fail. It’s nothing short of a tragedy, and in dire times, a steady job will do a lot more than just provide a constant flow of cash- it helps you stay confident about yourself- and self-confidence is vital.

    Again many a times it so happens that once you convert your passion into profession, the love for the job starts to fizzle out. Things may not be as hunky-dory once you have to start designing under deadlines. Bitter as this may sound, creative jobs are not really as creative as they look like. Ideas very often need to be compromised upon, and the kruti you envision in red chiffon might be requested to be made in blue silk. Many customers are often stubborn, unrelenting folks who will rush to blame you for their own mistakes. These and many more seemingly minor issues can pile up and push you away from your interest.

    How do I know all this? Let’s just say- personal experience.

    I’m not saying your designing aspirations will not succeed, but I’m asking you to keep a back-up ready, in case things don’t go your way. Also, at any cost, do NOT let your passion for design fade even if your business doesn’t take off as you envisioned it would. It is important to have a creative streak in oneself always. Good luck, and do share some of your designs here in MG :)

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     Saloni_fizzy sparkles 

    I think start a page side by side, work on it upload your creations and see the kind of response you get.. also apply for some other jobs and only then leave this one.. you never know the response that people give, if it works out, leave your ob, if the page doesn’t work, continue it or look for a new one :high5:

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    ShikhaSS ShikhaSS 

    Don’t just quit your job because you still need exposure, experience and network. Stay here for a year and then start looking for a better option. You can start your Instagram page along with your job right now and then make it full time once it starts picking up. Don’t worry about failure if you really want to do something in life. You are very young and can take risks. In fact, this is the best time to take the risk.

    Don't Worry, Be Sexy! ;)

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