Couldn’t communicate well with boyfriend’s family the first time. What to do?

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    Hello friends,
    I have a problem that I am looking for a solution to. I am in a long distance relationship for last 5 months but I we are pretty much serious about each other and our families know that we are willing to marry by next year. Everything was amazing until I met his brother and sister in law few days back. I went to their place and stayed there for 1 day. I am an introvert person and take some time to get along with people. So I was not able to behave very friendly with them and was pretty formal. Then at night we had a party and next morning I had hangover as it was the first time I was having whisky. That morning I was not feeling like talking at all. So I was silentertainment and was behaving weird. Not taking part in any conversation. Then when my boyfriend went to drop me to airport I was really embarrassed by my behaviour and didn’t talk to him too and didn’t even meet him properly before leaving. I said sorry a Millions of time after that and even personally messaged his brother n sis in law. But that evening when I called him he behaved very rudely saying that I could have used this opportunity to impress them but I completely spoiled it and that I cannot do anything. He even said that it was his mistake that he talked to me and what not. He said that I have disrespected his family. I was really shocked as he had never been that rude to me. Next morning he messaged me that he cannot live without me. And when I talked to him he said that he was not wrong as I had made a big mistake and he wanted me to realise it. Now I don’t know what should I do? Was my mistake really that big? I really love him a lot and don’t want to leave him.

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    Alpha, let me point out your mistake – it’s okay to meet boyfriend’s family for a few minutes, at the most a few hours, but you should not have a spent a whole day with them. That’s a long time for them to find a zillon and beyond that issues in you. If you want to mend those bridges, call his relatives and tell them you were “not well”, nervous that day… :scared:

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    One of my relative is divorced.The marriage lasted for fifteen days.Now her parents and other relatives Are telling her to go for second marriage if she gets a suitable match.Also it was not her fault why the first marriage didn’t work out.But whenever people talk about it she gets angry and frustrated.She is f eeling that she might not want to make this matter known to people that it was her second marriage.She may get into inferiority complex and feel uncomfortable with people regarding it.But everybody if she stays single also at some point of time she may be alone.pls guide :shy:

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