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    VijetaNagar VijetaNagar 

    HI ladies,
    please suggest what can i have for dinner when I am gymming and on a diet.
    i have been told palak and paneer .. but i cannot eat that daily.
    My trainer told me not to eat oats and corn flakes or chapatti

    need simple quick options which i can prepare when i go back from office
    help ladies !

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    Captain obvious Captain obvious 

    here are my suggestions of 200 to 300 calories dishes
    Idly (very low in calories)
    Home made dosa
    Curd rice , lemon rice
    Banana + 2 gujju roti without ghee
    If at dinner time you have got a calorie deficit of say 700- 800+ you can eat dal chapati / rice without any worries

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      VijetaNagar VijetaNagar 

      hi.. thanks!!
      but i have been told not to eat poha, chapati, khichdi, rice or any kids of carbs and fat at night.
      only iron rich diet!

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    ArpitaNandi ArpitaNandi 

    If you’re a non-vegetarian, I’d suggest boiled or roasted chicken and fish. Soups would be very filling as well as nutritious, I think.
    Parsis and Bengalis make a steamed fish preparation called Patra-ni-Macchi or Bhapa Mach,the latter of which is made in banana leaves, with mustard paste, chillies and khuskhus paste. It is protein-rich, very low in calories, yet filling and delicious. :waiting:

    Live well and love better!
    Sugar And Spice And All That's Nice

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      VijetaNagar VijetaNagar 

      Hi arpita,
      We are vegetarians :)
      although i eat non veg secretly outside .. so non veg in dinner woudnt be possible :( :sad: :sad:

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    Vermicelli upma, sabudana upma are other options.

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    rumisharma rumisharma 

    Eggs. Boiled. Scrambled. . Vegetable salads. Sprouts. Cut fruits. LEntil soup.

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    ShikhaSS ShikhaSS 

    Dinner is very crucial if you’re trying to lose weight. You may check out this thread for healthy and light options:

    Healthy Dinner options

    Don't Worry, Be Sexy! ;)

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     Saloni_fizzy sparkles 

    Khichdi, fruit bowl, salads… I usually eat sprouts, chana, rajma boiled mix with lemon juice, green chutney, chaat masala and veggies.. it tastes awesome :high5:

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    Nidhi Nidhi 

    I make a huge variety of soups for dinner when on diet. Go for homemade soups.
    As your trainer has advised to take palak and paneer. Try mixing palak and pulses, it tastes yummmm too. Alternately, you can also take stir fried veggies with dals.
    Let me know if you need any recipes. Will be happy to share.

    If I need the moon, I'll bring it down myself!


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