Do we gain weight after stopping working out at gym?

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    Alia Alia 

    Hello and good morning ladies…how are you all? I hope you are doing well and are happy. :smile:
    So today I want a kind of suggestion from you all.Actually, these days am being little bit health conscious as I have put on some weight. :cry: and wanted to join gym for some days. But the problem arising is that I have heard that after leaving gym we gain weight very quickly and to prevent this the only thing we can do is to continue gym forever :sad: but I know it’s not possible for me to continue gym and the only reason of joining gym is to lose weight…so I just wanted to know from you all that is it the reality or just a rumour?? Am sure you ladies are regular with your gym and you all know the effects and side effects of the gym.   :yes: …so if possible please help me out with this..!! :cry:
    Happy Holi in advance and sorry for the length. :smile:

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    Yes you have to continue and maintain diet.otherwise if you leave you will gain weight.once I consulted a dietician in Apollo and she suggested me to maintain diet and the best exercise is walking.I tried gym,aerobics,vlcc but once I leave I gain weight

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      Alia Alia 

      Thank you Mimly for your info and commenting :yes: you really helped me out with your comment :smile:

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    nupoor_n nupoor_n 

    Hey Aalia,
    So when you go to a gym, your calories are getting burnt. And if you calorie intake is less then than what you burn, you lose the weight. Simple maths. Apart from that, what happens when you workout is, you tear and build new muscles(mostly with weight training). That’s how guys get bulky, they build muscles.
    Now once you stop going to gym, with old food habits, your calorie intake has remained constant, while you are burning nothing. On top of that, you built muscle(which is a good thing. Those abs are muscles), so your body has reduced fat, but has more muscle mass. So once you start putting up fat on top of that muscle, your weight gets more than what you started with. This is the general case. So you gain weight. If we can watch what we eat, we would not need to go to the gym in general. Our sedentary lifestyle makes it important that we exercise regularly. It’s better to go to the gym and stop later because gym inspires you to eat healthy. And once you see yourself putting on weight after you’ve stopped, you’d itch to go back and workout. Also, you become more conscious of your food choices.
    Weight should never be a measure of you going to gym, muscle mass, fat %age and strength etc should.

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      Alia Alia 

      Thank you so much nupoor….u explained the whole matter very nicely and i got your point :yes: you cleared my confusion :smile:

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    :nono: :nono: :nono:

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    ShikhaSS ShikhaSS 

    So, why do you plan to leave the gym in the first place? Even if you cannot continue your workouts in the gym, you can keep exercising at home after reaching your goal weight. :run:

    Don't Worry, Be Sexy! ;)

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      Alia Alia 

      Yaa Shikha if i will join gym and plan to leave it afterwards then surely i will continue workouts like exercising, jogging and all :yes: thank u for ur suggestion and comment…it means a lot to me :yes:

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    pllvb pllvb 

    Doesn’t matter if you replace your calorie burning activities with something else. If you are going to stop gym workouts, then start some other activity. Of equal or more intensity of course, if you want to keep those kilos from piling on you. It not correct to relate weight gaining to stopping gym workouts. Rather it is related to stopping a physical activity. If you continue burning the same number of calories and watch what you eat, you will be fine. :smile:

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      Alia Alia 

      Yaa pllvb i understood whatever u said and will surely follow it :yes: …and thank u for commenting and suggestion :yes:

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