Do you think non-vegetarians cannot be animal lovers?

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    Esha Esha 

    Well, I have one crazy vegan friend who thinks non-vegetarian people are cruel and do not love animals.

    I am a non-vegetarian myself and I ind it baseless. eating something depends on choice and may be influenced my choice of family members, religion etc. But I repeat again it cannot be forced.

    Now, the fish, poultry we eat are cultured specially for eating purpose, just like crops are grown and are available in abundance for eating. This has no relation with loving animals, voicing opinion against tiger preservation, breeding lions etc etc.

    It is the same like eating plant products and voicing opinion against deforestation issues.

    What do you think?

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    In China, Korea and Vietnam, they still eat dogs and cats by the way… don’t take your pug or poodle there :smile: they really love those animals there, on a plate :P

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    Hehe sanjeevji :biggrin:
    Esha…i agree with you on this :high5:

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    Captain obvious Captain obvious 

    Even I used to dismiss their opinions and found them a little too extreme initially .

    But vegans have evidence to back up their claims.the damage done to environment by meat processing industries , the Ill treatment of diary farm animals , the grasslands that are cultivated to feed animals( that will ultimately be butchered) that could have Fed more humans had they been used for agricultural purposes.

    I have met only those who converted have into veganism and gave up on a lot of things they like. I cannot deny that these guys DO genuinely CARE about the environment.

    (ps I think vegan diet is not optimum for human body. I did think of going vegan a few months back.)

    But I don’t approve of this “shaming” approach of vegans to put their points forward.( which is something almost every person who has an opinion does) They would be more persuasive if they educate people on their findings over years and years of research

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      Esha Esha 

      They see the one side of it.
      Lets talk about one stupid logic I heard.

      Stop using wool from sheep as it hurts the sheep (I really don’t think hair-removal hurts) and set up a synthetic wool industry instead (oh really, and dump the synthetic pollutants in water to affect the fish and the large food chain all teh way up?)

      people are eating flesh for years. If animal protein was really that harmful, just like teh short necked giraffes, non-veg eaters would have vanished from planet earth.
      And according to scientific stuudies of our dental structures, digestive system, enzymes etc, we are supposed to be omnivores like bears
      Fruits for mineral and vitamin and meat for energy source…We grow and eat carbohydrate based foods just because tehy are cheaper and keep us fuller for long.

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      Captain obvious Captain obvious 

      Haven’t heard vegans talk that way about wool fibre.

      There are A TON LOT of VEGETARIAN sources of proteins and energy sources with much lesser harmful effects . Broccoli is a rich source of protein

      Being someone who has been convinced to give up on meat , I would suggest you to not dismiss them based on prejudice take a look at the basis on which they make such arguments.

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    ShikhaSS ShikhaSS 

    I don’t judge people based on what they eat but I would personally always support and follow vegetarianism. :yes:

    Don't Worry, Be Sexy! ;)

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    René René 

    I beg your pardon, but I don’t believe that it is the same as eating plant products and voicing opinion against deforestation issues. In my opinion, there is no comparison between the two.

    To answer your question: No, non-vegetarians can and do love animals. Most people in the US are non-vegetarians and they love their pets almost as much as they would a child.

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    Neet Neet 

    I am mother of ironies :hihi: as I have been born n brought up in faux jain family (no onion garlic eggs consuming family)and got married to one who is meat lover there by being a mother to another meat lover generation :hihi: and despite my support to vegetarian, keeping my vegetarian sentiments intact I shamefully-lessly prepare meat delicacies for my family.. :hihi: so sumwhere being vegetarian I am acting barbarian to one chicekn or goat :tongue: But leave the irony with me, if we in general talk about animal abuse cruelty then we do take into consideration the silk industry, the leather world, beauty world what not the list is endless coz sumtimes we are indirectly aggravting issues like on demand supply based, in case of meat lovers its evident clearly that if they stop eating butchers stop killing simple but what about our liking for leathers watches/purses/handbags/shoes? what abt our obsessionw for cosmetics which test on animals, what abt our obsession with true silk saree which are prepared with silk cocoons, how about these zoos who keep animals in worse conditions just for money, for those endless animal shows where these sea lions/sharks / dolphins entertain ppl unwilligly.. :headscratch: I dunno and yet to enlighten myself regarding vegan concepts but I am still in middle of correcting them thanx to 21st century we now know what goes in our toothpaste/bags/shoes etc so we can take steps to either live with reality or choose to change the brand considering our willingness to be change…

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    If you can dream it, you can do it..... :)

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    vandna jain vandna jain 

    I am a vegetarian by birth, by religion and now by chance. I have never touched even an egg in my life. This is my life and I am happy about it but yes that does not give me any right to comment on people who are non-vegetarians. All of my friends are hard-core non vegetarians and we have not even discussed this issue ever. It never bothered me what they are eating at their homes.

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    I am a pure vegetarian but have many non-vegetarian lovers as friends and they are also animal loving! I mean most of my friends are dog lovers, so this really doesn’t make sense! Food preference is ones own choice- we shouldn’t judge people by that!


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    I was a non-vegetarian since my childhood but took a call around 5-6 years ago to strictly adhere to vegetarian food. I haven’t looked back since then though there have been times (especially in the initial 2-3 years) where I was tempted to taste meat again. My family is still predominantly meat-eater, and we have come to a point where we have accepted each other’s choices (though initially they thought I was almost crazy to even take such a step).

    If you talk about ‘shaming’ non-vegetarians for their eating coices, I believe it is not right. If someone is convinced that eating meat is what suits them the best, then it is totally their choice and not anyone else’s business. However, I also feel that it becomes very hypocrtical on the part of non-vegetarians’ when they try to justify their meat eating habits by comparing killing-of-animals to using plant-based-products. Let us be real, this comparison has ‘flawed’ written all over it in bold letters. Plants are capable of regenerating themselves. Most of the plant-based products that humans consume are fruits or vegetables. If we pluck a fruit or vegetable from a plant’s stem, it has the ability to grow again. But if you cut a leg from an animal, it will simply wither in immense pain and die eventually. An apt analogy would be humans cutting their hair (that can regenerate) vs cutting their arms off.

    And if you talk about the argument that non-vegetarians are not animal lovers, I believe this arguement does have some merit. Actually, it was my love for animals that abled me to convert into a vegetarian in the first place. We are only hypocrites when we rage over eating of dogs and cats in countries like China, etc but are completely fine if other animals are killed for few moments of culniary pleasure. The argument that most of the people float is that cats and dogs are supposed to be domesticated, but has it occured to anyone that it might be true in countries like ours or the West but for places like China, etc, they don’t see dogs and cats as we see them? If you would ask a Chinese person, they would tell you that cats or dogs have been a source of meat since along time in their nation. They see no wrong in it, for them having that a dog meat is akin to having goat meat. Isn’t it totally hypocritical on our part to deominize them when the very same analogy could apply to our meat? Coming from Jammu Kashmir, I know a community that raises goats and sheeps as they would raise their children. Imagine the picture they have of us in their world-view. If you outrage over cats and dogs being killed for meat, please do not kill a goat, etc for your next meal either. If you think meat is what you want to eat, please stop getting mad about other animal products. It only screams hypocrisy.

    It is fine whatever one wants to eat, sleep, whatever. But at the same time, we should with all our conscience accept our choices, and not try to jump the guns by expecting to have a sugar-coated validation of everything.

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      I really would like to know your opinion and OF others about furniture made of KILLED trees??? and the notebooks and newspapers also made from KILLED trees?? and the list goes on :headscratch: or is it okay to kill them as furniture/books/papers are indeed a necessity?? :headscratch: I know these trees are not eaten but KILLED for sure. CAN WE STOP USING THESE THINGS IN ORDER TO STOP KILLING OF TREES, which in turn will help prevent global warming??

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      Sorry, read your reply only just now. Anyways, agree with you on the impact of cutting trees on global warming. I am making conscious effforts to avoid paper as much as I can and I am hopeful that I will stay put on it. Hope you are doing the same. Cheers for bringing this up.

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       mansi jain 

      Naaz this is probably the most stupid thing I have read today. And Iqra I get your point. It’s hypocrisy that you kill and eat animals yourself but gets furious if someone kills dog and cats!

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    Shivangi.Chauhan Shivangi.Chauhan 

    I am a non-vegetarian myself and i love animals. I totally agree with you. Doesn;t make sense to tag us with being cruel and heartless

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    Sumedha Sumedha 

    This is such a stupid logic! We don’t eat everything we hate right? There is absolutely non relation between eating habits and loving an animal. People who rear goats, sheep, pigs are not always vegetarian. I don’t , and I’m sure no non vegetarian imagines a plate of chicken tandoori when he sees a hen or a plate of mutton biriyani when he sees a goat. Live and let live, people. It’s the 21st century for God’s sake. I don’t try to convert my vegetarian friends into meat eaters neither do I pay heed to anyone lecturing me on the benefits of vegetarianism.

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    ShaifaliPayal ShaifaliPayal 

    I always support vegetarian – but one can not judge other people by food –

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