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    Most of us do not think we have the figure we want and of course, there are problem areas – love handles, muffin top, hanging tummy – and we need the stuff to keep all these in place… have you tried spandex/shapewear? which one worked the best for you :)

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     mansi jain 

    I haven’t tried but I wanna try for my lower body. My problem area are my thighs. I don’t put fat anywhere but my thighs and a little on my butts may be. :rofl: It looks so bad when I put weight :headbang: :headbang:

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    Shuchita Shuchita 

    Yes, there was a time when I was wearing it nearly daily with form-fitting dresses and skirts, but now wear it while going out or for parties if the dress clings to the tummy area. Use high-waisted shorts mostly, also wear control-top panty hose (I wear dresses in the freezing winters with hose). Sometimes buy shapewear camis. In the US, there are many brands selling shapewear at all price-points. Spanx is branded and more expensive than my outfits, so do not buy that.
    Not sure how shapewear would work in Indian temperatures. It is all synthetic, even here I have to sometimes remove it while driving back home in summer. Indoors everything is ai-conditioned, so it is comfortable enough.
    Shapewear can really do wonders for the awkward bulges, but it is restrictive.

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      Shuchita, I have checked out Triumph and it feels very comfort but there the compression is not high – spanx is not yet available in India. There are a few by enamor too. Which brands from the US do you suggest for the tummy area?

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     Saloni_fizzy sparkles 

    Zara has the best shapewears :high5: :high5: :high5: I don’t use one but mom has a spare one that she uses at times… I feel uncomfortable wearing them and feel really tight :cry: :cry:

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    ShikhaSS ShikhaSS 

    I don’t but I would like to try one out. I need it, afterall :hihi:

    Don't Worry, Be Sexy! ;)

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    Shuchita Shuchita 

    Besides Spanx, the other brands are Maidenform, Bali, Hanes and Jockey. All of them make good shapewear for the tummy area (most common problem area anyway). The compression varies, but it is pretty good in good brands- they tend to be somewhat uncomfortable but do their job well.

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    Thank you suchita :dance:

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    I tried once but that was really uncomfortable shape wear. Will try again from the above mentioned suggestions :)

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