Does Social Media Make you Happy?

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    I see women spending so much time on social media- Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat etc and often wonder- does it make you happy?

    I find that it’s the real-life- friends and family that makes me happy. I visit social media to only promote IMBB or research for IMBB. Even then, it never brings a smile on my face (save some funny videos if I chance to see).

    How about you all? :smile:

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     Saloni_fizzy sparkles 

    Me too have the same thoughts as your sir :high5: :high5: I love doing work for IMBB because that is ours and its the passion… but I do not like any social media for timepass :hihi: :hihi: I scroll through facebook at times for some news or videos but I am not on instagram or snapchat becuse I like keeping my life a bit personal.. also I feel that I rather watch movies, learn something, sleep or spend time with friends and family :high5:

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    ShikhaSS ShikhaSS 

    It is not the ultimate source of happiness for me but yes it does make me happy, especially when I see posts from my friends and family. :high5:

    Don't Worry, Be Sexy! ;)

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     mansi jain 

    Yea, it does. I love watching pictures from not just family and friends but also of various people living a different life, also cute dog videos. It certainly does lift up my mood. And especially when I am waiting for someone or something I love that we have social media as it makes that 5 minutes bearable!

    Plus being an artist I can connect to so many people like me, watch their work and it aspires me to sharpen my skills as well. I love to take ideas from them. I personally cannot imagine my life without it and yes it does make me happy!

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    aruna aruna 

    ya it makes me happy. I have been highly entertained being on FB. it can get addictive but its not as bad also..

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     Gunjan R 

    Yes, it makes me happy not only because of the likes and compliments but also I get to stay updated with the current happenings may it be news, trends, information, and what not. It also helps to stay connected with people; though it’s not my preferred way of communicating but have got no other option. Most people would rather communicate through social media than in person.

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    If Youtube is counted as social media then yes. Otherwise, I am just on Facebook & Instagram, and hardly spend more than 5-10 mins daily to scroll through the pics of family & friends. Basically to keep a tab on what they are doing :hihi:

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    I am not such a big fan of social media myself. I like whatsapp to keep in touch with friends and family but I find Facebook and Instagram too intrusive.

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    Ok, here’s a video I would like everyone to see :smile:

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