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    Hi all
    Got newly married. I am still working and now I am facing financial problems due to health issues in my family. With my earnings, I can’t run my family. Then I have to depend on my hubby’s salary. But when I ask for money he asks me to get it from his parents because he is not having money due to LOP. But we haven’t discussed the finance. I feel hesitation to discuss. If I need money how can I ask his parents often? How can I convince him

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     Saloni_fizzy sparkles 

    Depending on your hubby is something you should not feel guilty about.. it is not that you are asking money for luxury things, if yes then hold on for a little while but if you are asking for money for basic needs.. I don’t feel there is anything wrong with that.. do ask his parents for the money whenever you are getting anything for the house :high5: :high5: and tell your husband that you feel odd asking your parents for money.. do ask for little amounts couple of times and save and also you can start something like oriflame which will help you earn a little more :high5: and you have your own earnings, keep them aside, you hubby can rub the family.. always contribute but if it is coming alone on you, then do talk to him or you feel stressed all the time :headbang:

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