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    Shopddict Shopddict 

    Hello Ladies,

    How are you all doing? so,the other day i went for shopping :dance: and i ended up checking forest essential products.My skin is extremely sensitive.The SA suggested me to try the teenager day and night cream.I gave her a puzzled look as i came am out of my teens like decade ago and am about to hit my 30s.The SA then told me that these creams are meant to be used by anyone who is between 13-40.I am still not fully convinced though. :headscratch:
    Anyone has any idea regarding this?

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    ShikhaSS ShikhaSS 

    Hi! The range is apt for 13+ girls that’s why it’s called teenage. You may give these creams a try if you’re interested since they have amazing reviews on IMBB. However, I feel you should go for anti-aging products now since you’ll be 30 soon. :high5:

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     Saloni_fizzy sparkles 

    I think you should give it a try because the reviews are amazing and the products seem promising.. I just think that Forest essentials did not have any products for teenagers which is why they created this range to diversify… give it a shot, I think it will work well no matter what age we have got :high5:

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    Hi. I have spoken to the FE people and done my own research. The Ayurvedic text (I think it was Charak Samhita) from which the recipe and ingredients of these teenage creams have been taken says that at 13 a girl becomes ‘kumari’ and should start a proper skincare routine. 13 is the pivotal age when a girl transitions into a woman due to the various biological changes taking place in her body so a proper skincare routine needs to be started on at this point. Thus they have translated it into Teenage Creams. They are not meant for teenagers specifically but by anyone who is above the age of 13. Hope this helps a little. :smile:

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