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     Smita T 

    Have you done anything illegal in life? Or are you some one who abides by rules, regulations and laws?

    When I was like 7, I used to drive dad’s car sitting on his lap, then at 14 – on my own, but then I crashed into a couple of parked scooter because I couldn’t apply brakes at the right moment, and scooter’s owner uncle scolded me and my dad :sad: , there were kids playing right next to the parked scooter, and i just can’t imagine what would have happened if I would have crashed into anything else. I stopped driving and then learned properly from a driving school much later. But I still feel traumatised and can’t drive confidently, and I totally understand why they don’t let anyone below 18 – before that hand-eye (and feet) coordination SUCKS!!

    Also, drinking age in India for hard drinks is 25 – BUT how many of us have followed this rule? :hihi:

    In College, I used to feel too lazy to renew my local train pass after it expired, so I used to travel ticketless for a week or two until I got it renewed. I used to rub the dates off with water on the pass and blamed it on Mumbai rains :rofl: It worked multiple times, and poor old TCs used to tell me – beta koi baat nahi – next time plastic me daal do.

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     mansi jain 

    Driving without license is the one illegal thing I can recall of!

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    ShikhaSS ShikhaSS 

    Yes, I once had to bribe (100 rupees) an official because they were not making my voter ID card. :pan:

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     Saloni_fizzy sparkles 

    hahahahaha yes.. There is a police verification was the initial passport making.. and after the officer came home.. we gave him 200 bucks so that everything goes sorted. :hihi: :hihi: but he had been really sweet and the entire verification went well, so that’s why diya.. was illegal but I was happy doing that :high5:

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    Used to steal books/ comics from the shops when I was a kid. Did it for 2- 3 years, fir left it suddenly. :smile:

    Now I don’t steal/ fraud even a penny. It weighs so heavily on my mind.

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    Dheeptha Kumar Dheeptha Kumar 

    No! :headscratch: I never had the chance to!

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    Shuchita Shuchita 

    My father would not let me drive till I could get a learner’s permit and made me take a driving test before my license. I did take alcohol before the age of 25 though.
    Now in the US I fear breaking any law- consequences are far too severe.

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    Travelled without ticket in a bus once. I am pretty sure that I must have done few more illegal things too but this is the only incident I remember. :headscratch:

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    Yes I have! I used to steal beautiful looking rubber bands when I was small. Then stopped after some time. I used to drive my scooty without a licence for almost 2 years and also I had my first drink way before 25!


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    travelled in train without ticket once

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    Sumedha Sumedha 

    Having my first drink at 17 and stealing a story book from a book fair at school are all I can think of right now :shy: :shy:

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    shwethasrin shwethasrin 

    I stole a pack of chewing gum when I was a kid. Underage drinking, buying alcohol and getting into bars with a fake ID.

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      Shwetha, that sounds so adventurous :hihi:

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    Driving without a licence for a few years, it’s only two years ago that I finally got a licence. I didn’t care for a license all these years :dance: :dance:

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    Oyendrila Oyendrila 

    Stealing my seized novel from Principal’s office (I call it getting back what was already mine).
    Travelling by train and bus without ticket.
    Going against all the rules and regulations of school.
    Copying guardian’s signature on report card and register and going out for outings (best thing i have done,else would regret this my entire life).
    When I was in 12th std,my school principal had a heart attack and was admitted to the hospital and I remember him blaming me and my friend for this. Sirf jail jana baki tha!! :rofl:

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       Smita T 

      Why would your principal blame you for his heart attack ?

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      Oyendrila Oyendrila 

      Because back then i was the most notorious student of the batch (thats wat he thought). I did break a lot of rules and lead quite a few hunger strikes demanding few changes in the system..giving him enough stress for a heart attack. :biggrin:

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       Smita T 

      Oohhh :biggrin:


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