How to make big money selling handmade art?

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    nainak nainak 

    Hello MG ladies, hope you all are doing great :smile:
    So we (mom,aunt n me) have just started making stuff related to arts n decoration at home. I’m taking care of the money part. Have started with just a lil investment. I want to save the earnings for my mom n aunt.
    We have sold some of things to people known to us. I want to expand this small business and sell stuff to larger audience. How do I go about it? Would love to hear any suggestions from u ladies :yes: :high5:

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    Create insta page Facebook page whatsapp group. You vl start getting orders. Second if koi mela type kuch or vo stall type kuch Navratri time , keep kitty party. Like vo samajh ke functions me you can.

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     Smita T 

    – Keep a stall at exhibitions in and around your city.
    – You can use social media to your advantage. Take pics and share it on FB and Whatsapp.
    – Also, you can get print outs made and tell your newspaper-wala to distribute it your area and other areas along with their newspaper.

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    pllvb pllvb 

    Start selling via whatsapp. Approach communities and groups, which you know would be interested in your product. Display all your samples and make sure they are updated about the new products. Do take part in exhibitions and target bulk orders. Good luck!

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