how to restrain yourself from doing things not good for you

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    nainak nainak 

    how to restrain to yourself from doing certain thing which you know is not good for you, I really want to know :waa: :cry:

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    Nisha Dazzler Nisha Dazzler 

    even i want to know.. i knw burger is npt good.. but my vehicle is landing itself in a burger shop only which is on my way to home.. i want to stop this habit.. but i could nt :(

    Better Be Instinct!! Rather Being Insignificant!! :) :)

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      Diksha Diksha 

      change your route if you can and in matter of days your habit will be changed…Out of sight is Out of mind…And believe me, i tried it when i was 10 so you are more matured than what i was!

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    nupoor_n nupoor_n 

    OK.. Gyan mode on.
    Make a new best friend for yourself. Your future self is that best friend I am talking about. Whenever you think you are doing it, think about your best friend and how she would feel about you doing this right now. It’s like stabbing her in the back. Would you still do it? If yes, then go ahead ahead and do it, it needs to be done. If you hesitate doing it your best friend even once, don’t. Stop right there. :nono: Always think about your new best friend before doing something.

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      Diksha Diksha 

      this one is awesome di…thanx!

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      Nisha Dazzler Nisha Dazzler 

      nice write up..

      Better Be Instinct!! Rather Being Insignificant!! :) :)

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      nainak nainak 

      Gyan Mode :hihi: :hihi: This is really helped me Nupoor :yes: but my new best friend is lil complaining :scared: it will take tym to make this frnd happy all the time :tongue: :tongue:

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     Saloni_fizzy sparkles 

    It would totally depend on your control and if you control, you will stop doing it.. like I am suppose to control my food right now… I did not have it for 3-4 days.. but had junk once.. slowly slowly I will stop having that too.. so be dedicated.. and try an alternative.. it will help :high5:

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      nainak nainak 

      Saloni, Kya kare control nahi hota :waa: :tongue: am slowly learning the art :wink:

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    Easier said than done but for me the pause button works. :smile:
    Give time some time :smile:

    Love me for a reason, let the reason be love.... :)

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     Rama GC 

    practice makes perfect. Tell yourself all the reasons as to why you must avoid doing the particular things, it would instigate fear in you and a sense of responsibility even if it is something as simple as avoiding an item. Constantly distract yourself with something positive that you like and eventually you will see yourself that you have effortlessly refrained or restricted yourself from what you always wanted to :smile:

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    I usually divert myself into doing something that would keep me busy!


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      nainak nainak 

      Rama n Tanya, Thanks for the reply :) My mind always diverts in wrong direction :tongue: I was trying to divert my thoughts on not eating sweets but I ended up eating a cake :tongue: :shy: :pan:

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    Esha Esha 

    This is what I do!
    Discuss the pros and cons in my own mind!
    It helps…
    But it takes really long.
    Do not give up if you fail once or twice….

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      nainak nainak 

      Am with U, Esha on this.
      How are feeling now. I read your post. Take good care of yourself, dnt panic. :jaiho: :jaiho: u r such a brave gal. We will all pray for ur wellbeing :yes: :smile:

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    My practical solution? Start doing it in smaller and smaller doses/ degrees till you are dependent on it no longer :smile:

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      nainak nainak 

      Thank you Sanjeev Ji for your valuable tip :jaiho: easy n doable :high5: :high5:

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     mansi jain 

    Think about the reason why you should restrain from it! That will help you.

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