How was your progress at workouts/gym/exercises?

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    It would be really great if you share your weight loss journey.
    I really want to know how was your overall progress in terms of weight loss after starting gym/exercises/yoga?

    The new year started with new resolution, and that is to LOOSE weight and be HEALTHY! :dance:
    I started going to gym and it’s just a week, I am very new to gym and even cannot remember the equipment and workout names :scared:, but that will be fine in few days when my workout schedule will be on hand.

    I have to quickly loose around 10-15 kgs in next 3 months. So I was hopeful to shed at-least 500-700gms a week. LOL, it sounds really crazy to count in grams! But I did lot of calculations and thought even a gram gain when you wanted to loose is bad. And it really matters because in last 6 months I gained 8 kgs in total instead of loosing.

    I thought to weigh myself only after 15 days :nono: , but could’t resist and put myself on weighing scale and it went up above 400 grams just in a week.
    I searched out on web and found it’s pretty normal to gain a little weight in first month when you start working out. I know inches also matters along with weight. But I am really anxious to know how it will go as I cannot afford to go in reverse than what I wanted to :sad: (as a lesson learned from last 6 months of experience of weight gain!!!).

    I really want anyone here get me inspired and encouraged by sharing their own experience.

    Thanks in advance!
    Have a healthy life…

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     Renuka Reddy 

    Hey Dearie..We both are sailing on same boat..I Have tried all sort of ways to achieve weight loss (easy short cuts like home remedies,zumba) but was never consistent and I am still the same .. Finally I realized nothing can help other than working out.. So same goes here.. yesterday I joined a Gym and writing this with severe pain on my hands.. I am here joining u as a Companion for weight loss :high5: .. lets see our progression (even my deadline is 3 Months Surprisingly)

    Well behaved women always take tym to create history..

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      It feels really nice to know when we have someone with similar situations! Let’s walk together to achieve our goals :high5:

      Surprisingly, I really don’t have much of pain except I feel like dying when I walk even for 5-8 minutes on treadmill, my legs gets jammed and cannot walk further, but the trainer told it will eventually get fine. I really don’t know if that’s good to have pains for good results or not. :headscratch:

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    nupoor_n nupoor_n 


    15kgs in 3 months needs lot of dedication calories wise. It’ll be more of what you put in your mouth then how many hours you spend on the treadmill. If I were you, I’d first put a goal of making it a habit of going to the gym. Losing weight should never be the first step, else you’ll get disheartened very easily if you can’t achieve it and quit.
    The habit building almost takes a month, and most trainers prep you for that month for main training. It’s when the pain subsides and you start liking the mild pain of workout in your body.
    Then go for the weight loss journey with full enthusiasm. Cutting down calories in one go is not going to end well most of the times. You’ll be hungry and annoyed half the time, and tired for gym too.

    Set your goals wisely and develop a habit. That’s going to make you get up on the days you don’t have the energy to get out of bed.

    P.S. I am on weight gain spectrum. Haven’t gained a kg in last 8-9 months. Still I can see muscles being defined and I have gained muscles. And I am happy and more relaxed because of the workout.

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      That’s really good points nupoor, Your every word is worth thinking and to be followed! :jaiho:

      I am not really counting calories so not sure if that’s more or less but I managed to get myself for following:
      1. no soft drinks since last 2+ years (hard is not a chance here in Gujarat!)
      2. no breads / maida, or atleast only once in a month
      3. no pizza, just 2-3 slices a month
      4. no vadapau or any junk foods
      5. have fried foods very rarely

      What is your workout and diet regimen?

      Putting it on hard routine is obviously not good. I actually don’t want to overdo anything for exercise to get lost and exhausted and really want to be a best friend of my own body as it deserves a lot of respect. But I know my goal is quite unrealistic for the body that doesn’t have such a habit. I can imaging myself not having results in a month and have patience but my doctor has set me hard and asked me to reduce atleast 2 kgs in a month (26/27th will be next visit to her.) Lets see how it goes.

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      nupoor_n nupoor_n 


      I don’t follow a diet, apart from the thing that I eat 4-5 eggs every day. I have a very fast metabolism, so I can eat a lot and not put on weight. So I am underweight.

      As for these things you have mentioned, I follow the same. I don’t drink soft drinks/packaged juices even when they are available for free for me. I eat bread, because I need carbs. My vegetarian diet doesn’t provide enough protein for me.

      If you want to lose weight that fast, I think you’ll have to give carbs entirely, and mostly go for proteins. People in other countries take mostly meat and is easier for them to follow this diet. We have our love for rice and chapati. Consult with a trainer about this. He will give you a diet plan.

      Fall in love with working out, rather than an ideal body which you have created in your mind. That body will follow once you start loving working out. You can see Rati for example.

      All the best for a fitter you. :run: :run:

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     Smita T 

    Losing 15 kg in 3 months sounds difficult but is achievable. You should talk it with your trainer and chart a plan for the entire 3 months. With your dedication you can definitely achieve your goal.
    When i started exercising, it took me 6 -8 weeks to lose the first kilo, it was demotivating to weigh in every week and see absolutely no progress for the first few weeks. But with regular workouts and persistence, i was able to achieve it. Persistence is the key here.
    Focus on good nutrition too. Also, Drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated.
    Good luck !

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    Shuchita Shuchita 

    It is advised to lose no more than 1 kg/week. To do that, you have to have a calorie deficit of 1000 calories per day or 7000 calories in a week. So you need to have a stricter diet plan because it is impossible to burn 1000 calories with exercise alone.
    Agree with Nupoor that cutting down on carbs is important. If you are non-veg, then try to eat more of meat/chicken/fish with vegetables, excluding most of the roti/ rice for at least one meal. That is what all the fit people around me do in the US. They fill their plates with 1 meat piece and some cooked vegetables or salad. Almost no one I know eats bread or rice on a regular basis.
    If you are vegetarian, you can eat soy nuggets or tofu and nuts like almonds (they are very filling, but you have to eat a limited quantity). Other than that, loads of fresh veggies. Egg whites are healthy and low calorie too.

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    aruna aruna 

    i have started to ‘walk’ more regularly. Increased my walking to 12000 steps per day versus 10000. This walking is for the past 4 months. While i havent seen any weight loss, am feeling better overall. my objective is to have the stamina and energy to do the things I want to. the weight loss itself would be a bonus. I hope I can keep this up. it feels great when the clothes start to fit better :)

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    Agree with all of you, really appreciate all the insights and experiences. I know it’s not really good to quickly loose because it will all come back if not followed with healthy lifestyle.

    Being vegetarian I even don’t eat eggs. so for protein I obviously have to rely on Soy, nuts and other supplements. I have limited my carbs and when I have it, I make sure it has adequate amount of fibers too.

    I am 30 and was pretty healthy and fit 2 years ago, (55-58kgs, 5’3″ height), and it is my dream to be in that again. I am 71 kgs now and all the last 8 kgs from 63 to 71 has been gained in only last 6 months, followed by stress, depression and anxiety after a heartbreaking MC and doctors want me to reduce weight to conceive again, I tried everything but nothing worked in last 6 months, and now I am on strict deadline of 3 months and running out of time. :cry:

    My efforts are: I got to gym 6 days a week (started recently), I eat low carb, I eat healthy food with proper nutrition, I eat 2 fruits a day.

    Fingers crossed to see how it goes at end.

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      pllvb pllvb 

      We are in the same boat :smile: Over the years I have learnt that it is important to do the right things and let your body be! It is a very intelligent machine and will definitely react in the right way while adjusting itself to the change. Our body actually has to go through so much. All the junk food abuse, untimely meals, excess oil and what not. So it will take time to show changes. Just keep at it. Let’s share our experiences and keep each other motivated. Slow and steady wins the race :cool: Never give up yo!

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    Shivangi.Chauhan Shivangi.Chauhan 

    This is a lot to lose in such a short time and would require double the efforts. I lost 13 kgs in 1 year when i used to gym for 3 hrs straight and two times a day on weekends. For me weight loss is a little difficult process as i have some medical conditions. But if you have planned to lose 10-15 kgs in 3 months better be dedicated and stay away from sugar, fried and junk food. Include strength and weight training in your regime along with cardio. Run for 30 minutes straight. Nothing helps you to lose weight faster than running. Tone your body by eating right amount of proteins and weight training. There are a few exercises which help to work for entire body and you include them in your daily routine.
    -Push ups (Works your chest, arms ,back and shoulders)
    – squats(glutes, hamstrings, quads)
    – dealift(you use 13 muscles of your body to do a deadlift and if done right it can help to tone your body better than any particular exercise)

    I could write an essay on this but i think i would end it now. Just remember Rome was not built in a day :P You need to be regular with a strict diet and it may take you longer than you plan but don’t lose hope and be motivated :D

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     Saloni_fizzy sparkles 

    I do not go to the gym nor work-out because my body is in the shape I want… but my tummy has started to come out, so i will go for a walk every-day probably and do some crunches at home.. will surely share how much difference would doing only crunches make :high5:

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      aruna aruna 

      Saloni: same here too. walking mostly gyms. eating less junk..get my ‘dabba’ to office. i have to start on the crunches for sure. i am an early riser but it has been more for meditation than for Exercise..

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    I don’t think it’s healthy to loose this much weight in so short a period of time. Consider you did loose and achieved the desired weight, but after that you have to continuously maintain the same diet like no carbs and sugar at all, less fat etc and also have to work harder. If you won’t do that chances are you will gain weight fast and you get ill too. So, aim for healthy body rather than counting dropped kgs. Nothing wrong in counting kgs but set at least a realistic goal. :smile:

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    Yeah, I completely agree. I realized by experience that is it not really feasible to healthily loose weight so quickly :waiting: . But by all your insights one thing I got convinced that whatever the result is, slow or fast, it MUST be healthier with long term results. Not like loose 4 kgs in a week and get all back in next! :nono:

    @shivangi: 3hrs in a gym, loved your dedication. I am slowly getting used to gym, it takes me around 1-1:15 there but that is what I can afford in terms of time for the moment. Each day new challenging workout by trainer and yet not loose a gram but my body feels so good.


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      nupoor_n nupoor_n 

      She did mention she is doing 2 days a week. 1-1.5 hours is what you should be giving to the gym.
      Working out is the 30% of the effort in losing/gaining weight. 70% is what you eat. All the best for your journey dear. :run:

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      I think I misunderstood, but she said she used to go 2 times a day on weekends! not sure about rest 3 hrs, but fine!
      Thanks a ton for your support :dance:

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