I abused my mother in law in front of my husband…

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    Hello friends.. today I’m here to discuss a personal problem which I’m going through.. I’ve been married for 2 years. In December it will turn 3 years. The problem is that my husband has a lot of problem with me. He thinks that I’m not good at house hold work, not good with my in-laws and not good at anything. Now the reasons for all this, after my marriage which was love marriage we went to our in-law’s place, there I tried to do everything to make them happy. But my mom in law was still not happy with my working skills. She went on and said this to my husband and my husband came to me and started telling me that. We all started fighting. She tried to slap me, told my husband to divorce me and then she said that I have no parents that’s why I’m like this which I couldn’t tolerate. I was already scared and I started crying and mere muah se unke liye gaali Nikal gayi. After this my husband hit me, mentally tortured me for whole day but when he saw he was going overboard he became normal. After that he was normal with me but whenever we have fought on anything he doesn’t forget to mention it. Till today I’ve been feeling sorry for that thing and asked for forgiveness a hundred times. Secondly, my husband has issues with me that I’m not good at house hold work. Mentioning here that I have anxiety issues and I was recently diagnosed with brain tumor for which I’m on medication. Thirdly in 2 years of marriage, my husband has just got intimate with me 4-5 times and when I asked him the reason he says that he doesn’t feel like. Now again he has started fights and went on saying that I can leave his house and that he’s not interested in me anymore. I don’t know where I’m wrong. I loved him immensely, cared for him always. But now I’ve started feeling frustrated. I’ve started blaming myself for everything. : headbang: I killed my physical need just for him. I accepted him for what he was but he couldn’t accept my flaws. I don’t know what to do. In between all this, I came close to an online friend whom I know since 5 years. I have never met him. But I feel happy when I talk to him. Many times I also feel guilty but I guess I have reached a point where I couldn’t take anymore. Please suggest me what I’m supposed to do. :headbang:

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    pinky2cute pinky2cute 

    Hi Ria…
    Surprized to see none replied to help you. Dunno if you are still checking this thread for replies… but I felt bad reading your issue so replying here.

    Of all the things you mentioned here,the first and most important thing to address is your health issue. You said you have brain tumor… please first put everything aside and look after yourself and recover soon!

    About abusing your MIL,you already apologised and it should be closed for any further discussion. Btw, you need to be firm and tell him that no matter what the reason is… he should never ever raise his hand on you again!

    Lastly,I thinkyou need to put a stop on your husband’s selfish egoistic attitude and remind him to value you as his wife else better you not live with such a jerk.

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    rumisharma rumisharma 

    Telling honestly we all make mistakes at some point of Times in our lives . Some of us never move ahead from that point. This is the only life we will get so instead of wasting it repenting for someone who I don’t think loves you move ahead . Take a decision and prioritise . Take the command of the situation . I think he Is just be -fooling you.


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