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    I have shifted to US around 4 months back and have started looking for a job here. I was looking for IT companies but as I do not have work experience I am unable to do so. So I am thinking to do some short course in IT and to consult some consultancies. I am keeping all options open so I am looking for volunteering jobs in schools as well..Any suggestions?
    How did you guys in US start your job search? I am getting bored sitting at home :headbang: :waa:

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    Aanchal Aanchal 

    If you have IT background and have h1b then just contact consulatncy services…they will put you in marketing and help you in finding job and if you don’t have h1b then also they will help you out, the only thing is your payroll will be run by them i.e you will be their employee, and they will pay you on a ratio basis 70:30 or 80:20(30% or 20% will be their part), it varies depending upon consultancy/situation. you will find a lot of consultancy services online.


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      Thanks.I have started looking for Consultancies. :smile:


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