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    vandna jain vandna jain 

    I am 24 and I can’t cook. I don’t even bother to try because I have absolutely no interest in cooking. I have tried 5-6 things in the past and they have always turned out great although!
    what I want to ask you all is has anyone ever made you feel inferior and bad for the reason that you can’t cook. It is like the worst thing in the world that a girl can’t cook! I appreciate girls who can whip out all those taste treats under 10 min but I will never be one of them, I know.
    I just wanted to share that’s it. I know many of you present here are great cooks. please don’t bash me :headbang:


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    nupoor_n nupoor_n 

    Hey I can’t cook. I mean now i am learning a little bit because I want to eat healthy when my cook is not coming. But apart from that, zero interest in cooking. I get stressed when I cook. And people will make you feel bad about it. But I prefer keeping a thick skin over the stress of cooking. I mean I can manage cooking if I need to, but I’ll give it my everything to stop that from happening. Cooking is absolute last resort for me.

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    Vinnimeow Vinnimeow 

    Hey Vandna, we all have sailed in the same boat at one point or another. I was just like you when I was doing college. Absolutely no interest in cooking at all. Even if my mom used to ask me to keep a check on milk to boil, I used to crib for that even. After 3-4sessions of ‘trying to learn cooking’, I tried my hands on day at making Poha for the whole family. I panicked in between and put Soya Sauce in it. It went black, literal black. Needless to say no one asked me to cook again. :hihi: :hihi:
    But after my wedding, my husband taught me how to cook basic things and now I can cook almost whatever he and I eat. So it is all like necessity is the mother of invention. When you need it and want it, you will learn to cook by our own wish. Till then relax and have fun with you like right now! :high5:

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    Sheetal Sheetal 

    haha!! Vandana … I am just like you Read my thread you will get to know my situation that we both are sailing in the same boat :headbang: http://members.makeupandbeauty.com/forums/topic/dont-know-cooking-is-it-really-a-big-problem/

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    Hey, cooking can’t be done by force. It one’s own choice be it a girl or a boy. It your choice and matter of interest. Do not let others affect you so much.


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    Neet Neet 

    :high5: I have been thru this age, pamepered child and living happily in hostel till masters and doing teaching no hustle bustle of cooking and literally no one ever made me feel inferioor or bad that I could not even make daal rice and I was almost 24 :high5: and post wedding I do use to hear jokes abt my cooking skills which were as dumb as donkey I must say :hihi: but still doable coz with family of mil fil you easily escape with no cooking even. But post shifting US alone with hubby gave me biggest lesson for self-dependecy right from cooking to washing laundry what not :headbang: Coz we dnt get maids to take care of tasks so by age of 25-26 I started my cooking journey and rest is history :yes: completed 5 years of wed life and cooking life as well.. So dun worry if I as dumbo as dunno who can do it then you are still better atleast you tried few times.. :hihi:

    If you can dream it, you can do it..... :)

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    Oyendrila Oyendrila 

    Hey add me in.. I am 22 and all i can make is tea,coffee,aloo ka paratha,chicken 65.. :cry: :cry:
    I have no interest in cooking. I get criticized for this every now and then but who cares. :biggrin:
    I would rather order a pizza online and get it served within 30 minutes.. :rofl: :rofl:

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    ShikhaSS ShikhaSS 

    Hey Vandana, it’s absolutely okay if you cannot cook, and you do not have to learn it just because the society expects you to cook. However, try to learn a few dishes so that you can help yourself in the time of need. Even I cannot cook elaborate meals but can definitely cook basic Indian food when my mom is not at home or when I wanna treat her. :smile:

    Don't Worry, Be Sexy! ;)

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    Vandana, either you learn to cook or you better have a great maid. You can of course marry a guy who knows how to cook. Maggi and bread omlette se to poori life kaam chalega nahin :smile:

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    Vandna, welcome to my club :pompom: :pompom: :pompom: :pompom: I feel bad for myself that I cannot cook, bad for my son because I cannot, but I enjoy cooking, but it’s really heartbreaking to cook up something that’s not edible at all. I am a foodie so depending on others to cook me up even a basic curry is disappointing! If you don’t like to cook, that’s okay. I cannot cook at all and I am made the butt of jokes with frequent cooking bans, but still, I try. Don’t feel bad, at least you can cook!

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    It is really ok, not to know how to cook; don’t cook.. but.. a BIG BUT… learn just very basic dishes at times of crises you know, when maid is sick, or when you are not feeling well enough to eat ordered food. You don’t need to learn elaborate cooking. Now we have so many blogs, that teaches extremely easiest food.
    I too hated cooking, and my mum is really amazing at cooking; after staying in hostel and deprived from good food, I fell in love with cooking… may be a way of learning lesson :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:

    gratitude always

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    Suchitra Suchitra 

    Vandna, cooking is a skill like everything else. You can learn it whenever you want to or feel the need to. Since you have tried a few dishes and they came out well, it is nothing to worry about. You need to know a few basic dishes more for your own convenience so that you can manage during an emergency rather than what someone might say. Someone is always saying something all the time, anyway! I can cook but I will only cook what I like to eat. I refuse to learn other stuff. :hihi:

    Be Positive and Keep Smiling! You are beautiful!!!

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    Maahi Maahi 

    Hehehe me tooo and mom scolds me every now and then..I simply hate entering Kitchen…i dont know why..

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     Saloni_fizzy sparkles 

    I can’t cook that well like my mom.. but yes I can cook if I have a recipe… By-heart nahi hai sab but yet I can cook nicely and I have the tarla dalal app that always helps me out.. although I am going to learn cooking this year.. :pompom:

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      Maahi Maahi 

      All the beshht Saloni..i will share my address with u….plz cook some yummiest dishes n send all of them to meeee…. :dance: :dance:

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     mansi jain 

    The thing with me is I can cook but I don’t like to. At all. So whenever I say I will just keep a cook or find a maid everyone around me acts so weirdly, basically old generation. LIke kaisi ladki hai, cooking is necessary, Ghar ka khana important hota hai bacchon ke liye so I just say fine, get me a guy who can cook. He will cook for the future child. But yes I don’t understand whats the big deal if we can’t or don’t like to cook. Just earn enough to hire a great cook


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