Is a 6 month sabbatical from work a good idea?

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    I work with a media company I hate in environment that is almost toxic, managing the entire department (me plus 1 junior) all by myself earning pennies. I am also 29 and at least 15kg overweight and am halfway through my MA degree in English literature. Due to office stress I barely manage to exercise or study. I am thinking about taking a 6 month break to study and lose weight before I join a fresh job.

    I am very much in favour of taking the break, but my dad is kind of against it, as he says every job has its issues and if I have a problem I should just get a new job. My point is that since I am unmarried, losing weight and preparing myself is important, which is why I want a 6 month break before re-entering job market.

    I am highly qualified and if I search for a job fulltime I am confident I can get one when I need it.

    What should I do?

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    Hi Vaani
    From seeing somebody who took such decision (close family) I would suggest you push it through rather than taking a break. Whilst jobs will be available even post sabbatical, there will be added pressure of finance and career prospects till you get one.
    Being aware of corporate culture, unless the reason is very strong (health, pregnancy, overseas study), it is not advisable. Like your father said, every job has its issues and perseverance gets you through all challenges.
    I would recommend:
    (a) Look for ways to exercise every day – taking stairs, using office gym. Small steps taken daily are much more valuable than drastic steps.
    (b) Eat healthy – Diet also makes up a large part of being fit
    (c) Look for other jobs – do careful research about the company culture before hand – these days, with LinkedIn, you can connect with people from the industry! Your network will increase and you will get visibility.
    (d) Time management is crucial – sometimes, learning to Say NO in the office is also a skill which is a long term beneficial trait.
    Best of luck – Hope this helps.

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    Working out will take one or two hours per day. What are you going to do rest of the time?

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    Keep a work notes or a time table kind of thing and squeeze in some time for your hobbies or working out. If you find the very environment toxic, it’s better to take a break.

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     Saloni_fizzy sparkles 

    If you have reached that point of saturation, then you can go for the much needed break but you need to understand, that finding a job later on will give you added pressure.. and taking a leave to lose weight is not cool.. do try, find sometime like an hour or so to go to the gym.. people do work in the most hectic environments and they do find time to workout or o to the gym.. if not the gym, workout at home for 30 minutes which would be great and maintain a diet.. do try these and then i you feel that you are not able to cope up, then do take break :high5:

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    ShikhaSS ShikhaSS 

    Do not take a sabbatical, just look for another job that deserves you. You have mentioned that you’re highly qualified, make that work in your favor.

    Don't Worry, Be Sexy! ;)

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    You can take break . I’m working since 4 n half year . In November i complEtely done with job . I CAME back to my native . ATTAINed marriages , spend time with family. WENT on trips and thought to start studying something. After one more trip I vl get to work . AND I feel it’s totally worth . I don’t bhi think you will face financial problem bcz u might be having some savings .

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    Thank you everyone for all the advice. As of now, have convinced my mom to join gym with me, that would likely help maintain discipline in attending. Will try that for a month or so and if it doesn’t work will think about taking up a few freelance projects and quitting my job.

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