Lack of periods; Is it pcos or something else?

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    Hi all
    I am looking for help. I don’t get periods and passing through worst issues. I am having low blood pressure feeling off balance, weakness, fatigue. I have been to many doctors but of no help. I am becoming lean day by day. My Lh levels are low. All other hormones are normal but I face acne, hair fall and unwanted hair. I might have low blood sugar and feel fatigued always. I am not knowing what to do. can maca, vitex or insotil help..I think my estrogen is less compared to testosterone so having all androgenic symptoms.

    Is vitex estrogenic? How can I come out of this situation? It’s making my life hell

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    Captain obvious Captain obvious 

    It can be anemia or hyperthyroidism also. ( generally in case of pcos weight gain and high lh levels are reported.) You are also doing guess work regarding your hormones
    Better Go to a different doctor .Never self medicate for such serious issues.

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    I agree with Captain Obvious. It could be anemia & deficiency of vitamin B12 actually, I had almost similar symptoms some 9-10 years back when I was in school. Still consult a better doctor and don’t take risk with your body.

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    Have you got checked for TSH – get hypo and hyper thyroidism out of the way. PCOD and hypothyroidism can show these symptoms. Get yourself checked by an endocrinologist madhur

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      I gave medical advice to you Madhur….. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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    Nidhi Nidhi 

    Hi Madhu,
    Sorry you are going through this. There are many factors which could lead to this. It could be due to any of these.
    1. Thyroid issues
    2. Fibrosis
    3. PCOD
    4. Endometrioses
    5. Low Gycolic index (HBa1c)
    6. Vit B12 deficiency
    7. Ovarian disorders
    Please visit a good gynecologist who will prescribe for a whole abdomen ultrasound along with the blood test for T3, T4, TSH, B12, HBa1c etc.

    Please don’t stress yourself, that will complicate the things further.

    If I need the moon, I'll bring it down myself!

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    It’s pcos which is causing all this.
    Pls help what can I do?
    Is there no cure?
    Anyone using natural methods to manage?

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       Renuka Reddy 

      I guess people have already given enough details related to medical issues..but for time being you can try Himalaya Evecare syrup(has to be taken post food twice a day morning and night) and drinking spearmint tea (idea from amazing IMBB)..also drinking water boiled with ginger with honey can also help..I myself have followed it and also suggested to some of my friends who had issues with periods..also as otherssuggested pls check with a good Doctor..Hope you will be recovered soon from this

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      Nidhi Nidhi 

      PCOS is completely curable in homeopathy. It takes time though. my treatment lasted 2.5 years. I’m completly cured now. No ugly pimples even. Some facial hair are still there, but that’s because I left the medicine from the time my ultrasounds came clear.

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    rumisharma rumisharma 

    Cinnamon is really helpful in female reproductive tract disorders . Also if you will too much stress it will only complicate the problems. Fenugreek seeds and fennel are also really good. Use powdered cinnamon for making tea and consume it . Add powdered flax seeds to meals . Also simultaneously meet some experienced gynaecologist For appropriate hormonal profile screening.

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    Thank u all for your advice. I am having worst sugar crashes after food and also cravings.what can I do to stop it.
    I stopped getting period too…

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    You should try ayurvedic medicne called -kanyalohadi gutika. It will help you get proper periods and also help with acne problems. My cousin swears by it.

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