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    Hie girls
    Hope all of you doing fine.
    So here is my problem, after thinking almost for a year finally I decided to get lasik treatment done, so tomorrow it is scheduled. But I’m scared now, I want to know some ones experience about it. I fully trust my doc as I got really good reviews about her . Second , please tell me do’s and don’ts . I taken 5 days leave from office , is that much time enough to recover.?

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    Hey, I got LAsik done around 3 years back. I am completely satisfied with the results. My only suggestion being that extend the leave a bit more. Soon after the Lasik your vision will be a little blurred and you will experience some strain especially while looking at computer screens and phone screens and all. You will experience a little pain after the treatment. That is completely normal. Take the meds they give you properly. Use the eye drops on time. Avoid going out as much as possible for a the first two weeks atleast. I was also asked to wear protective shields around the eyes in the night for the first 5 days so that I don’t accidentally rub them in your sleep. Your Vision will take a while to get back to normal completely, especially in the night. So avoid driving in the night for sometime. Also, make sure you dont get water in your eyes while washing your face. I think they will also recommend you avoid washing your hair for the first 10 days. And even when you do, be careful so that shampoo doesnt go in your eyes. One month after the treatment your vision will be perfectly normal. You just have to put up with these conditions in the beginning. Good Luck. And don’t be scared. Take care of yourself. And do let us know how it went.

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      Thnk you so much . She gave me too protective shield, I rub my eyes a lot . Will take care . Thnx again

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    René René 

    Good luck, Anj!

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    I got my LASIK done before 6 months and these are the things that are advised for me.Take head bath tomorrow as you are not supposed to take it at least for next 5 days.for the first 4 days the visual will be blurred and steadily it will come to normal.take greens and carrot a lot in your diet.dont skip your eye drops and 5 days is enough if you give your eyes full rest or else you have to extend your leave

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    Suguna Suguna 

    Congrats Anj! :high5: Lasik for two eyes ? How much are they charging? My father had his lasik treatement 15 days back, they asked him to take eye drops frequently, avoid sun, air, tv, phones atleast for 6 weeks. 2 days vision was blur now its back to normal

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     Saloni_fizzy sparkles 

    Heyyyyyy good luck for the treatment.. I am planning to do it soon as well so do share the experiences for sure :high5: :high5: do everything as doctor says and you will be fine in 5 days :high5:

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    Dheeptha Kumar Dheeptha Kumar 

    Good luck for the treatment Anj! :pompom:

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    ShikhaSS ShikhaSS 

    All the best Anj. Take care. :smile:

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    Good luck Anj :)

    It’s quite easy and safe procedure. After operation, I had to take some medicines and put eyedrops regularly in my eyes. After procedure, I was advised to not remove sunglasses or to remain in dark for a day. 7 days is good enough time to recover and after that you may have trouble in spending long hours in front of computer but if you follow doctor’s instructions there would be no problem henceforth. :smile:

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    Hie grls thanx to all of you , I’m sharing my experience here
    It’s 4 days since I got lasik done. I got it done from doctor kalpana who is former doc at hospital ramachanra. At morning I reached at 8 o’clock then they took me to tht room where machine for lasik is kept. They put so many different types of eye drops. Stick my eyelashes up and down accordingly with micro pore tape so I can’t close eyes during the treatment. Anasthysia is given by simple eye drops . Now this is the horrible part and I didn’t able to see what they did , they took lense in machine and pressed in my eyes it took 30 seconds but it was terrible feeling tht some machine touching your eyes. And It’s done my vision got blurred , and doctor then adjusted lenses and some green colour light she asked me to see , :waa: in 10 minutes it’s done but after tht half day my eyes where watering like crazy, she asked me too keep my eyes closed for 24 hours and asked me to put drops every hour. Next day morning I was so happy bcz I was able to see everything clearly. 2nd day too my eyes were swallon but it was okay till evening. Again I went to meet doc , thr she did regular check up and prescribed other medicines and eye drops which I need to put for next three months. It cost me 80k ( asked by suguna) . But it worth in a day I was able to see clearly. No blurry vision no injections nothing . It’s the best thing I have done for my self. I’m attaching pic of my eyes on second day and third day. Redness will subsdise in 7 days.

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      Suguna Suguna 

      Congrats Anj!! Thank u for the informative reply!! Hope you are doing good & happy :high5:

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