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    Swasti Swasti 

    Hello ladies,

    This is my first topic here and it’s such a serious one. Anyway, I need some help.

    Me and my guy, we want to marry. Our caste is different. It took me an year to convince my parents for the caste thing. The guys family has been very particular on the horoscope, esp his mother. Because of which my parents ended up meeting an astrologer.

    Now, both the astrologers have said that its not good match at all and proceeding in the marriage direction will only cause pain in future. I have used very subtle words here, but, you know how astrologers speak. Looks like me and him have all the ‘dosh’ present in the world .. lol. Its also said that the guys health n life will not be secure. Might lead to death or separation. N this whole thing might have effect in the children’s heath too.

    Its too much for me to handle.what should I do now? Do any of you know anyone who went against astrology and got married? And are they happy? Any experiences like that? Please do let me know. Thanks a lot..

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    naina naina 

    Hey swati its all about what you believe…for happy married life you need other important things then just kundlis getting matched…its only between two people whether marriage works or not…if you guys love each other then don’t fall prey to such predictions…I have seen many couples whose kundlis do match but they are not happy with each other…reason being no love, no understanding, no compatibility, no respect n what not…so just follow your heart…al the best…

    Remember there are no mistakes, only lessons. Love yourself, trust your choices and EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

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      Swasti Swasti 

      Yes Naina, you are right. All these days, I’ve been following my heart. But when someone uses words like death n separation.. It is really scary.. N makes u feel negative.

      Thanks a lot, Naina :-)

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    If astrologers were so good about predictions they would have changed their own lives; marital, professional, everything. :)

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    Ok, here are my two cents on this-

    Rati and I were also not astrologically matched. I doubt that we cared. We were told that we would fight a lot. But we had been fighting for the last 5 years of courtship also, and were still together. So it wasn’t news to us. :P

    What I have realized is that there is great power if two people are together and passionate about each other. I swear to god I have seen one plus one being eleven all the time when two persons join hands strongly. Neither astrology or any power in the world can separate them.

    Thinking logically, astrology cannot predict specific things, i.e. there are hundreds of children getting born in the same time and in the same place. You cannot predict the same destiny for all of them.

    What you do with your married life, good or bad, would be your responsibility. Astrology won’t play any part in it. :)

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      Swasti Swasti 

      Sanjeev ji, Hi.. :-) Thanks a lot for replying to the post. You know, after posting this thread here, I was reading this –

      That post always fills me with a lot of positive energy. :-)

      And about what you said, you are so right. I think its about overcoming the fear.One can’t ward of negativity completely, better to avoid such talks n people!

      Reading about u and Rati, gives me much more confidence.. Thanks again!! :-)

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    pinky2cute pinky2cute 

    Sorry to be going off the topic…. but sanjeev ji may I know why my post was deleted which I posted this morning? About Rati di’s photos on site?

    I hope I haven’t made any mistake?

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      Pinky, please think twice before posting such posts. First, it promotes these trashy sites needlessly. Second, it casts doubt on Rati.

      There are hundreds of sites copying Rati’s images and IMBB posts. Why pick out this single site?

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      pinky2cute pinky2cute 

      I got the point sanjeev ji.

      Apologies if I hurt Rati di or you.
      My intention was only to let you all know thinking you may take appropriate step to safeguard Rati di’s pics grom being illegally usrd on such sites.

      Nevertheless, I assure I wouldn’t ever post about these things again. :)

      Imbb and Rati di and you all are my part of life! ♥♥♥

      Anything for your goodwill I shall do.

      I was just wondering so thought to ask that’s all.

      Hope none misunderstands me here.

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      No worries Pinky :)

      Remember that that’s exactly what these guys want- a mention from the outraged readers or the blogger herself so that they get noticed.

      And that’s exactly what you shouldn’t give them- their two minutes of fame. :)

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      Pinky, exactly, you are encouraging those fake sites who are inappropriately using Rati’s pictures. Please refrain from posting such stuff.

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      pinky2cute pinky2cute 

      Thanks jomol ….
      I didn’t think that way.
      I just felt angered at the site for misusing Rati di’s pic so posted here thinking spmeone would take action…
      But ya I got the point now.

      No worries will not post again…trust me :) :-*

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    Vinnimeow Vinnimeow 

    Me and my husband were never in favour of this astrology thing. So never got it checked. Infact my parents never got their Kundli matched at the time of marriage. We just got their Kundlis checked for fun sake when I was in college. The Pandit said that their kundlis don’t match, so they cannot marry each other. You cannot imagine how hard I laughed in front of him and he just left the place saying all bullshit things that people like me never understand such important things. Guess what, I don’t understand and I really don’t want to understand. I am happy and so are my parents.

    So believe in your love, your understanding and yourself and things will work, whatever may be in your Kundli. :)

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      Swasti Swasti 

      Lol, Vinni!! That must have been funny .. :-) I hope mere saath bhi aisa hi kuch ho, I.e. in future I get to laugh at my predictions!! ;-)

      Thanks Vinni :-)

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    I cant say anything on this! we love the love! but when it comes to someone’s life matter ,it scares to take any decision ..
    Just show ur kundli with other astrologer and see ..because astrology is true not astrologers..
    also there will be some or other solution to it…so try ur best..
    all the best

    being human ..!

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      Swasti Swasti 

      Yes Nisha, I’m worried only about that aspect. Trying my best to stay positive. Thanks Nisha :-)

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    Nope – why to match kundlis anyway – one should probably match thalessemia factors in blood rather than kundli :)

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      Waah waah Jomolji! We can also match-

      – salary slips
      – waist sizes
      – moles on the bums
      – smelly feets

      :P :P :P

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      Sanjeevjiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii – cheeeeeeeeee, waise maine match kar liye :P :P

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      Poulami Poulami 

      Ha ha ha… Sanjeev Ji .. i cant stop giggling reading this… :P

      the cloud that conceals the sun isn't darkness...

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      Swasti Swasti 

      Hah! You’re right Jomol :-) :-) thank you.. :-)

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    I just remembered now just seeing Jomols reply…..people even restrict based on gothra’s …do u ppl belive that…?

    being human ..!

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    Manisha Manisha 

    Marriage against astrology predictions! Okay? Not Okay? Need help girls..

    I so agree with Sanjeev Ji. And in case you really want to marry this guy, do not think, just go ahead and wish for better future and follow movie-Secret (Law of Attraction)

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    Hi Swati,

    I do believe in astrology, but that doesn’t mean all astrologer are correct. It is a very complicated subject and everyone who claim themselves to be an astrologer doesn’t have good knowledge of it.

    I follow the same philosophy as Sanjeev ji mentioned here, that if they were so good they would have changed their own lives. Luckily i met a friend who is changing and following his dreams.

    My friend whom i respect a lot is an astrologer. By profession, he is also a very successful reporter in a reputed news channel. And i respect him because he has dreams and he is achieving them one by one. (Next one is to open a College for Mass Communication)

    Me and my guy is going through the same phase wherein we had to convince our families. We went to my astrologer friend for kundli milan; so that we are prepared for questions from our families. But he simply refused that he doesn’t match Kundlis. He said that he checks kundlis of both the person, if they both are individually strong then they can handle any problems on their way.

    If you both have stronger feeling towards each other, then everything will come around. Your families will get convinced, they will be happy and proud of you both. So, just be strong and face everything together, this is the time when you have to be the most positive.

    Anything that is done with a good heart, results in good :)

    All the best girlie and say thank you to God for all the positiveness you have got in your life. Keep smiling :)

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    I finally found someone who is in the same situation as I am. 8 years+ relationship of which 4+ years in long distance (US and India). Took almost a year to get parents to meet only to realise kundalis do not match. What’s more it says either we will separate or I (girl) will not survive. Apparently, we are the most ill-matched, astrologically, couple. Parents are constantly worried and have got me worried about them and myself. Three pandits have denied the match outrightly. Not that we haven’t fought, we fight a lot but eventually get over it. I have been told he is the source of all my unhappiness and hindrances in career. I just do not know what to do anymore.

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    mahii mahii 

    Hi Swati

    I have been in a similar situation 6 years back, obviously me and my partner did not believe or rely any such predictions, but family pressure on this matter are very strong.
    The astrologer who predicted our kundlis did not match, also suggested several solutions for this (since we were so keen on getting married), he suggested pujas and havans stuff. So before our marriage i was supposed to do one week of special puja to get rid of any dosh and few pujas followed after marriage as well.

    I don’t really know is it really effective and what it will do, but i can say just to keep everyone happy it is a easy way to do it. :nails: :cool:
    Just wanted to share what I went through, hope you find it helpful!!

    SMilinG & ShiNNiNg

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    you can only predict your own future by being fully in present situation. I can understand what you are going through. let me tell you an experience of mine. Though my brother is a Manager at MNC everytime an astrologer says he is an engineer. He is inclined to science but not an engineer. So you got that. Astrologers cannot predict things. I used to also believe a lot into this crap but trust, no one knows what future holds but one can only know their karma and good deeds. So go ahead and marry and please I request you to get rid of negative thoughts that you got from astrologer because the repetitive thoughts become things. like if you think you get sick by having yogurt, you will eventually. so always think positive and yes Love overcomes everything. Have huge faith and love for each other..
    Wanna hear you writing here that you got married to your boyfriend
    and lastly like Sanjeev jee said, if they were so accurate, i guess they would have been kidnapped by the goons to predict every crime to execute perfectly :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:

    gratitude always

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    Astha Astha 

    Why is Kundli matching only in Hindus? If it is so accurate in predicting the future of couples why don’t other religions and countries adopt it?

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    Hey Swati,

    I understand your situation. If both your parents do really believe in it and what the astrologers said is worrying you then consult some other astrologer and also ask for pariharams for this dosha. There will always be something you can do. Its just coz they said its harmful to life. I understand that when it comes to your loved ones life you wont wanna take any chances and thats what is worrying you. So consult someone else and get this done. Then atleast you have peace of mind.
    In any marriage what matters the most the love, trust and respect. Thats all you need to be happily married.

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    My sister-in-law is ‘Mangalik’. Lol yeah it’s the same dosh where woman have to first marry a tree before the actual marriage. :biggrin: :rofl: My cousin brother and sister-in law didn’t believed in all of these and married despite the ” kundli dosh “. They are very much happy and have a 7 year old child.

    There are so many astrologers nowadays and anyway I would like to know from where they have studied it? Almost all of them, use online kundli site. So, basically yeah a stupid app is making decisions about your life! If you believe in yourself and your relationship, then go ahead with your marriage. Your parents too will eventually agree because they want you happy. :smile:

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    Suchitra Suchitra 

    Hi Swati,

    Mine was an arranged marriage and my astrologer said that my husband and my kundalis matched and we would have a happy married life. A couple of years after marriage, another astrologer told my parents that we were not matched at all and that I had Manglik dosh and literally accused my father of spoiling my life due to neglecting the kundali matching. Needless to say, my parents were upset but I believe your destiny is stronger than any astrological prediction. And everyone faces problems. You just need to be strong and face them head on.

    All the best. I hope you overcome this hurdle and lead a happy life with your partner.

    Be Positive and Keep Smiling! You are beautiful!!!

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    I feel whatever happens, happens for a reason. Just go with what your gut says because it’s usually right and leave the rest on God! :smile: :smile:

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    hello swati,

    i was in exact same position last year where you are. Me and my hubby were dating for last 7 years. I belong to rajput family and my parents are pretty flexible as long as kids are happy and he is from brahmin family and his family believed in kundali and caste. since 2 years he was trying to convince his parents but they were too scared and that’s obvious given a fact that their family astrologer and 2 more pandits said negative. All of them said i am manglik and have nadi dosh so my kundali will bring down his heath and our marriage. Last year january i lost all the hope and thought lets move on as my parents were waiting since 2 years for things to settle and they met his parents couple of times too but they were not convinced and were saying that they will ask another pandit and find solution. But we all know if a mother hear anything negative for her child. i agreed to marry someone else and there is where things changed.Guys have a big trait.. they take things a little lightly till consequences. So after my roka was announced he just took a firm stand and made sure that the fear from his mothers mind is gone.. See the thing is its all bout how the guy can convince and take a stand.. Parents will be happy if their kid is happy. Now its been 6 months since am married and thingsa r going way too good. his family has accepted me finally,.. but after lot of apprehensions and only driving force is that my hubby is happy with me..

    About astrology hindu community is the only one who religiously follow this and cares about the consequences. You have to respect the feelings attached to it but just because astrologers said that it will not work out doesnt mean it wont…. If you are sure you are in love with the person and you both will be happy together just think positive and work towards being together… Dont let negativity efect you and trust me there will be lotttt of stresful situations which will come your way.. you both have to be strong and be supportive and things will fall in place… dont get bothered with kundali as i did hell lot of research at ,y time and the thing is if you think good , only good thing will happen to you,

    good luck… stay positive..

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    Hello ladies,
    This is my first topic here..I need some’s a serious one..
    I am 25 nd my bf 26..we know each other since last 8yrs for now nd in a relationship since 5yrs..we both very much want to be together but there are kundli issues, some mrutyushadashak dosha. His family is a strong believer of that. My family somehow doesn’t believe in that because at my place none of the marriages are done on basis of kundli..we though have some way-out Puja for that dosha but his parents doesn’t want to do that also. We don’t have to go against everyone and do court marriage for that we are convincing and waiting for them since a year and half now..but it’s not possible for us because now our frustration, the pain and irritation has gone beyond we have mutually decided to give another 4 -5 days otherwise forget everything.. The main concern is how can we both now think about anyone else in our lives..
    It’s impossible for us but just for the sake of stupid kundli we have to let go off each other..
    His mom is not ready to understand anything. Also his mom thinks if I get engaged to someone then she will handle her can they think so in this century..??
    When we are asking them they should also understand us and think about us..

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      Hi Pakhi,

      Rescued your post from moderation. :smile:

      There’s nothing you two can do except for being stubborn and getting married to each other anyhow. Kundali matching is a stupid thing. You can only fight it by ignoring it and doing what you want to do. Let you partner say he’s not getting married to anyone else and you do the same. Let’s see how long the parents fight.

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      Thanks sanjeev.
      But it’s already been a year and half we are’s just hampering our both careers very badly. And on the personal front we both are getting affected due to the frustration and the pain insecurity of losing each other.
      And his parents are just ruining it only because of kundli or else they don’t like me.

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    Esha Esha 

    I do not believe in astrology at all although I believe in God. I think he can see everything and maybe he predicts our future too! But he won’t ruin my life or my spouse’s life just because we are together! And even if he has some evil plans like that, he will surely change his mind when he sees how happy we are together!

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    Nisha Dazzler Nisha Dazzler 

    Hi swati..
    Astrology is 50% prediction.. It doesnt matter if yu din stepped to a astrologer.. But yu did..
    Life is all abt ups n downs… here, wen ever yu get a down, yu ll match the scene wit astrologer s words, which will put yu in a mess.
    Ask 100 questns yrslf….try to answer.. thn cum to a conclusion..
    anythng may happen to anyone.. i may die today..someone may tmo.. its already written in ur destiny.. But if somethng happens to tat guy anytym, whole family ll blame and eventually ur heart ll also blame yu.. yu cant bare that pain.. Think wisely..

    Better Be Instinct!! Rather Being Insignificant!! :) :)

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    Poonam Poonam 

    If you want to get married, do it. Forget the astrology thing. And when I say forget it, I mean it. If you cannot get it out of your mind then don’t think of marrying each other coz with time the fear will creep up and make life hell for both of you. Anything going wrong in life will remind you of this prediction.

    So don’t plunge into it as a chance. You either have to believe it or not and take action.

    On personal note, everytime I have seen a prediction come true for me, my faith in it grew stronger, which has never happened. Hope you get the hint Swati. :biggrin:

    express with actions not speech.

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    I don’t think you should depend on astrology like that. I have seen so many marriages that were strictly horoscoped and matched and ended up doomed. So, matching horoscopes does not make any sense to me. On the other hand, if you have to match anything, match for thalessemia genes :cool:

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    Even in my case , our kundalis didn’t match. Some mangaldosh in my husband’s kundali and i would fall sick and may be death. But we didn’t listen and got married 1.5 years back and we are very much healthy and happy. we didn’t even go for any methods to remove those dosh as some of friends went to those process.
    But yeah i would definitely would like to tell, the problem could be psychological. Life has its own ups n downs, just try not to relate them with these kundali dosh, not even your parents. And everything will be good. :)

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    My boyfriend’s mom is worried about horoscopes and so are my parents. It says, we cant have kids, either of us will die and due to lots of differences between us, we end up in divorce!! I dont know if I am correct or wrong…

    I do not get the logic : If either of us will die, whats the point of divorce? (you cant apply for a divorce with death certificate)
    If either of us will die, whats the point of not having kids? ( you cant …. if you know what I mean :biggrin: )

    As I write this, my parents have already found another guy and things are going super fast! Everyone liked the new guy except me

    Swasti..please help me what happened to your story? Did you marry him? Did anything go wrong? You think we can be happy forgetting everything ????

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    I Am going through the same situation.. there are so many doshas in our kundli and till now we didn’t find any solution to resolve these doshas.. pls help.. swasti pls tell us.. what decision did you take.. are you married now with the same guy.. is everything okay.. pls it’s like a situation of do or die for me

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