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    miji26 miji26 

    so ms sheetal …no no no mrs sheetal … provide details about your marriage … how when where … i guess everybody is way too eager to kno the insides

    trying to b me

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    Sheetal Sheetal 

    Hi dear, First of all I am really sorry for late reply and I was really amazed to see this new thread :dance: Thanks a lot :pompom:

    As you all know that my family was not ready but I clearly told them that I am not going to marry anyone else. So these discussion were going on and I was really afraid to ask my grand father. So one day my bua just decides that she is going to tell this to grand father. She talked to my dada and to my utter surprise he told ‘I know about them’ and after that he asked me many things about him (Parents!!)

    And as he know him, he agreed which was a shocking news for all of us :biggrin:

    Then his parents comes to our house and everything was settled we decides to get married and that’s it :shy: :yes:

    You know I thought dadaji will create drama but he agreed in no time. He told that we have to change according to the time. I am really happy by getting such an understanding family. Really it took time but I convinced my parents and I think parents need just time to trust on our choice.

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    Congratulationssss Sheetal :waiting: :waiting: :waiting: :waiting:

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