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    Asmita23 Asmita23 

    Hello ladies
    Plz suggest me a day cream/ moisturizer for my dry skin. I would prefer creams with less harmful chemicals like silicons and parabens.
    Thanks in advance :high5:

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    Hi Asmita :smile:

    You can check these :smile:

    10 Best Day Creams for Dry Skinned Beauties

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     Saloni_fizzy sparkles 
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    ArpitaNandi ArpitaNandi 

    For the face, IMO Nivea Soft wins hands down! I apply one layer of it, followed by Biotique carrot sunscreen which is very moisturizing in itself.

    For your body, if you’re up for a DIY, I would suggest mixing glycerin & water, and optionally- a few drops of essential oil and approx 2 tablespoons of bath salt; in a bottle. Shake and use on damp skin, and you’ll be good to go for more than 24 hours. The ratio of glycerin & water varies depending upon the weather and how dry exactly your skin is. I have pretty dry skin (scratches do leave marks behind), but winters in Bangalore are pretty mild, so these days I go for 3 parts water to 2 parts glycerin. In the summer I will switch to 1:1, and use this lotion on alternate days only.

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    ShikhaSS ShikhaSS 
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    The best moisturisers that I could think of have already been recommended. But I would like to add a little tip here. If moisturisers are not cutting it for you then try mixing 1 or 2 drops of facial oil into it and then apply it. It will keep your skin soft and nourished and also make it look dewy and fresh.

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