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    miji26 miji26 

    Hi gupshup! How are you all… Now I am posted to a place where I feel happy at heart every time. Even after suffering so much emotionally. My colleagues are really good and support me every time. But a few months back one of my colleagues started noticing me and sort of tried to propose his feelings to me every now and then. It was going fine. I didn’t respond and he did nothing for quite some time. I knew he liked me but I ignored that and acted as if I am least affected. I even chat with him. But recently he got engaged. Now he is again expressing his feelings to me and this time they are very much evident. Now I get disturbed seeing his messages, at office, he is like the best colleague but on chat, he behaves as some other person. Please help me solve this mystery. I can’t quit this job either!

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     Saloni_fizzy sparkles 

    Sorry to hear that your most is’t well… I hope she becomes well super soon :cry: :cry: I think you should be normal, if you are interested tell him, and if you are not interested, the tell him that as well :high5: be clear and on point whether you have feelings or not.. if you do not have, straight away tell him that I am sorry I do not feel the same for you, so it is better if you focus on your girl to whom he is engaged.. talk it out and tell him because if you do not talk it out, he will keep messaging you and will be keeping that girl on hold as well :headbang:

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    I understand what you are going through. It is a very tricky situation. It is best to just confront him face to face. Tell him that the way he has been chatting with you makes you feel as though he has feelings for you. ask him if that is true or not. Whatever his answer may be, make it clear that you are not into him and that since he is engaged, maybe you should keep some distance. Is this person a good friend? Or is he just a colleague?

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    If you are enjoying the attention, maje karo. If you don’t like it, kheench kar do thappad maaro aur khatam karo. :smile:

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    Nidhi Nidhi 

    Red flags lady! Stay clear of him. Enjoy the attention till it lasts, but don’t get involved from your end. It may be the pre-wedding jitters for him because of which he may be attracted to you. He is already on the verge of marrying someone, and his attraction towards you is going to turn things bad. This is real life, so you cannot expect a bollywoodish twist to the tale.

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