My father is not ready to get me married to my boyfriend

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     Kritika singh 

    Hey all,

    4 months back I had posted my parents are not agreeing for love marriage stating his salary is not enough. My father met my boyfriend and told me he is smart, good looking and talks well. However, he is not convinced due to the following reasons

    1) he stays with his parents. My independence will be lost
    2) his elder sister is not yet married
    3) his caste

    He told me if I married to my guy he will take a VR and will stay at an old age home(I felt bad when he stated this). I don’t understand how to convince them.

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     Saloni_fizzy sparkles 

    That is sad I hope he gets convinced soon.. but he staying with his parents is a very rare reason to not allow the daughter to get married.. ofcourse the guys stay with their parents and the bahus stay with their in-laws and there is no harm.. my cousin and her husband stay separately and enjoyed her life initially and but when they had the baby, she needed her in-laws the most to handle .. ask him if your parents would let you stay separately in your own house and not theirs, if hey say a no, then I think the guy will do the same :high5: :high5: as long as you both like each other, have a stable financial life, have a good rapport with other family members, caste won’t matter.. :scared: and his elder sister might be an issue to a few people as they say that daughters will always be loved the most and might create issues but that is hypothetical.. you need to learn everything about the guy’s sister before judging :high5: but since you say, your dad already likes him, then I think he shall be convinced soon if you put in all your efforts.. Anyone would feel bad if their parents say they will stay at an old age home but similarly, you can say you won’t marry anyone or you will harm yourself.. emotionally blackmail is something which you can also opt for but we do not like doing that as they are our parents :cry: tell them you won’t get married to anyone else.. if he is worried about the caste, he is thinking of the samaj.. and he won’t like if the samaj tells them about their unmarried daughter.. this is all from your side.. but your parents can be correct too, do measure everything that they are telling and see whether you are taking the right decision or not :high5: hope your parents get convinced soon :high5:

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     mansi jain 

    1.If that is something you don’t mind then there is no problem staying with his parents. people in India stay with their parents! It is not a new thing
    2.Umm so tell him we can wait till she is married.
    3.Really dad?
    Okay seriously if your dad isn’t letting you married to the guy you want to marry. Tell him I won’t get married to any other guy. I will just not marry anyone. Tell this to him. And wait till he gives up. but don’t you giveup.

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    Patience is key. GIve logical Ans to his question. Stay firm on ur decision.

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     Kritika singh 

    Both if us are working and are very happy with each other. I have met his parents n no.of times nd they are very sweet and caring. Due to some health issues his sister is at home and I have not shared the same with my parents as I know they will say a big NO after this. His sister n my mother have the same problem

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    Give your dad some more time to think – since he has already liked the guy – it’s half battle won….get them together often so that they can talk and get to know each other :tongue:

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     Kritika singh 

    Hey all,

    I am highly disturbed since morning. My mother was not talking to me past 3-4 days so I thought 2 call her n talk normally. She talked nicely for 5 mins later she told they have got 2 new proposals for me and my father has asked to send a pic. I mean this is absolutely wring and I cannot take it. Last night I had a conversation wid my father he didn’t mention any ne proposals. Feeling helpless. Knowing the fact thatvi have aome1 in my life n I luv him this wat my parents r doing.

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