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    Hi Everyone!

    I got married last year. My marriage is an arrange marriage luckily I got a very nice husband he is so Caring too much loving bt problem is that he doesn’t have interest in sex.We don’t have a good sex life . Sometimes I ignore my feeling n enjoy with husband but sometimes I feel really depressed.When we were on honeymoon that time only we had everyday sex but then after 1 month we had sex every alternate days for 2-3 moths then after once in a week . Sometime I feel I am too much lucky having loving husband but due my sex life I am not able to manage my personal life I get irritated in small things. Don’t know what to do how to manage ?:cry:

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     mansi jain 

    I can say just one thing,talk to him about him. He is so caring and loving according to you then obviously he will listen. Explain what all youo feel,how you feel about this thing. May be he has some issues bothering him,talk to him. Encourage him to talk to a doctor if needed!

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    Thanq @ Mansi Jain for your concern bt I already spoke bt koi fayada nai. Last month our anniversary was there we went for trip we enjoyed but no sex even single day :headbang: He is so career oriented person he all time think and talk about the career and office. He also discuss with me about my career only he think that career is everything in life he want I also chase my goals. He suggested me that I ignore all this small crap and enjoy my life. I don’t know what I tell him that how I enjoy my life :cry: .If I discuss about my career or my goals then that time he give attention on my each and every words but on another discussion he don’t have any words to say only listen. He saying don’t worry everything will be allrht bt howwwwww don’t know.

    He want baby bt I think only baby will be a reason that we will do sex hope so.

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     Saloni_fizzy sparkles 

    Having sex just to have a baby will not be right.. you should talk to him and constantly talk to him about this because he should know what he is doing is wrong… go to your mom’s place for a couple of days and if he asks you the reason then let him know all this.. if he really loves you, he will miss you and will do what you say .. ask him that this thing always bothers you and it depresses you a lot.. roz bolte raho jab tak samje nahi.. :headbang:

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