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    My mother in law is the biggest b**ch I have seen in life. She broke one marriage to get married to my father in law. Actually, he was already married to someone else. So practically, my mother in law and father in law’s marriage is not even a legal marriage. And my husband is totally a bullshit person. He didn’t even tell about this to me before marriage even though we were known to each other for almost 8 years before marriage. I was taken aback when I got to know this. He doesn’t even feel guilty about this. He just trusts his mother and no one else. He tortured me mentally so many times by following what she said. When my daughter was born, both of them created my life a living hell. I just went through a very bad phase during that time. One day he ll understand and say that she did wrong. Suddenly, after few days he will say that no, her thoughts were not what you are thinking. I have decided to be separate from him. But, mentally I am very very sick and want to come out of this mental trauma. My daughter is 1.5+ yrs now. But, everything still haunts me. Can someone please suggest me how to get some peace of mind.

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    ShikhaSS ShikhaSS 

    You have taken the right step because your husband has cheated you by hiding all this. Make sure you’re independent so that you can take good care of your daughter and yourself. Peace of mind will come with time when your new life begins. Take your time and create a life you always dreamt of. Start focussing on yourself too and do things that you love. A hobby will keep you occupied and happy. Hope this helps. :smile:

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     Saloni_fizzy sparkles 

    Give your relationship a last try and if nothing works, do get separated.. make sure you take the right step because then you would have to handle your daughter by your own.. if you have caring parents and financial stability.. go ahead and stay away for a while and see how it goes :high5: but make sure that from the other side, even you are trying to adjust in that family .. try to understand your husband too.. :high5:

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