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    Meera Meera 

    Hello everyone..

    I’m planning to shop from Nykaa for the first time..Can you tell me your experience with them? Do they deliver on time and what about the return policy??

    Thanks in advance

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    nykaa shopping is breeze; safe and easy. Return policy is cool as well! Delivery depends on your location, but it is nothing bothersome. Good Luck! Get Addicted! :dance:

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    I have shopped from nykaa numerous times, though I don’t find the offers and deals exciting, it’s safe to shop from them :)

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    naina naina 

    I have ordered atleast 100 times from Nykaa…everything about them is awesome…the best part is they give fresh products…unlike other websites which give old products…so go ahead n place your first order..

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     Saloni_fizzy sparkles 

    I order from nykaa every week and the return policy and everything is very cool… their delivery is quick and products are in good condition.. go for it.. you will soon become an addict :hihi:

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    I’m always on Nykaa! :biggrin: Delivery takes time for me since I live in an obscure place. Otherwise, haven’t had any problem with the products till now and never had to return anything either.

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    ShikhaSS ShikhaSS 

    Very safe website to shop from. Don’t worry. :hihi:

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    It’s one of my favourites for beauty related shopping in India. They keep adding new brands and have a fuss free return policy.

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    Grisha Grisha 

    I have been shopping from nykaa from 3 years now. I was very skeptical about the website in the beginning but now I can’t live without it. 😁

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    Sumedha Sumedha 

    I had a pretty good experience while shopping on Nykaa on a non-sale day. But during a sale a couple months back, I had a really difficult time. After I had loaded my cart and hit checkout, suddenly a new completely different set of products were on my cart.. and somebody else’s profile was showing even tough I had logged in from my account. This happened a couple of times, each time a different person’s account was showing. I finally had to give up and couldn’t buy anything!

    Anyways, I had shopped a couple pf other times. And the products were great and pretty fast delivery too! Do give it a try ! :biggrin:

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    nykaa is good site, i have ordered many times. but only problem with them which i found was if you ordered more items they will send it as per their availability some items before n some after two three days…i mean it’s ok from their side but our excitment reduces as we dont get all order at one time.

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    Im in love with Nykaa…cant liv without it….i have stopped visiting counters now..for any of my personal or cosmetic needs/fancies i look up to Nykaa


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    Its safe and really easy!


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    Meera Meera 

    Awww..Thanks so much people :high5: Such positive reviews..So excited to place my first order :dance:

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    Dheeptha Kumar Dheeptha Kumar 

    Recently, I purchased a few products from Nykaa. Among them was a Lakme Eyeconic Kajal. I usually don’t prefer prepaid orders but, this time I opted for it. They didn’t deliver the product for more than a week and I emailed them repeatedly to dispatch the order asap! After 15 days, I’m receiving my order and when I opened it, there came another shock. Lakme eyeconic kajal was a fake one! What else would I do other than throwing it away? :headbang:
    Has anyone faced such situations with Nykaa before? Or maybe this happens once in a bluemoon?

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     mansi jain 

    I have a decent experience with nykaa. I mostly get my stuff in 4 days when prepaid and 6 days if it is COD . Never had any leaky or messy product delivered. THankfully I am happy with it!

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