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    Shivangi.Chauhan Shivangi.Chauhan 

    No matter how grown up we are, we always need our parents for the silliest supports. I have realized this thing today. I have been living on my own for the past two years, had traveled to places alone and feel myself to be mature enough to handle life crisis but when it comes to booking an appointment with the doctor or visiting the hospital I always need my parents beside. Not because I am afraid or something but I just can’t manage these things without them :p

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    ShikhaSS ShikhaSS 

    I truly agree with you. I cannot imagine my life without my parents. I literally start crying my eyeballs out each time someone even mentions marriage. I just can not. :cry:

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     mansi jain 

    Agree! I always need them when I have to go to the hospital. Specially mom.

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     Saloni_fizzy sparkles 

    I have the same situation as Shikha.. I don’t know how will I stay without my family after marriage :hihi: :hihi: I really need my mom in almost everything :hihi:

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    vandna jain vandna jain 

    This is so damn true Shivangi! I am newly married and you have no idea how much I miss my parents and how much I have realized that no matter how good your in laws are, no one can ever replace your own parents!


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      Shivangi.Chauhan Shivangi.Chauhan 

      I can feel you Vandana :sad: we don’t realize this much that we are nothing without our parents.


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