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    Hi,everyone.HOpe all of u are doing good.My roommate is going through divorce.It was a very short marriage.Before her marriage someone likes her but she came to know the fact after initiating the process of divorce.That guy contacts her in social media .A descent type of guy he is and he keeps on telling her indirectly.Even some of his friends know about it.As she is thinking about second marriage she told the whole story to the guy but neither she talks anything regarding her future directly but tells him that she would get settled after divorce but she doesn’t know whether he would take the initiative to tell his parents for marriage.FRIENDS,what will be your suggestion in such a case?

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    That’s good that ur frd is thinking for 2nd marriage but as u mentioned he saying it indirectly so first let him be sure first then think of future as even I m divorcee but don’t know can’t trust anyone now so ask ur frd to be sure with him then involve family then

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     Saloni_fizzy sparkles 

    I feel things need to be clear from both the sides… let your friend’s divorce happen and then she can make a fresh start.. doing it during divorce won’t be great.. also if the guy is ready for a marriage and clearly can talk to his family, then she can go for the second marriage if she likes the guy as well :high5:

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    Suggest your friend to go slow – she’s just getting out of a messy marriage probably – she should be chilling and reclaiming her independence….he he, rushing into another marriage doesn’t sound right so soon :biggrin:

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    ShikhaSS ShikhaSS 

    Since she’s just out of a bad relationship, she should take ample time to decide. Get to know the guy and maybe his family as a friend first.

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    Thanks for your suggestions.Surely I will tell her

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