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    Hi ladies,

    I am not feeling comfortable in sleeping on my side. Recently I came across these c shaped pillows online which is advertised as comfortable during pregnancy. Have anyone used those. How was your experience? Please let me know:)

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     Saloni_fizzy sparkles 

    Congratulations :high5: :high5: yes these are designed specially for pregnancy and have seen them on online sites but I feel they might just get in the way although you can try once.. but trying and sleeping to your side naturally would be great.. try for 10 days and then you would get that habit to sleep that way :high5:

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    Nidhi Nidhi 

    Congratulations on your pregnancy Vani!
    Those C-shaped pillows are completely useless. At least for me they proved to be. My best friend got it specially for me from the US, and they were quite useless.
    I started sleeping with 4 of my fluffy pillows placed at strategic positions :biggrin: :biggrin: (under belly, in between legs, under arm etc) and they proved much better.
    Try your luck if you want, but I won’t recommend that.

    If I need the moon, I'll bring it down myself!

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    Hey! I didn’t use a C-shaped pillow. But i did use a wedge shaped pillow during both my pregnancies – it was EXTREMELY helpful!! It would support my bump while sleeping sideways and would support my back while i would be sitting in office.

    Though, it may not be too helpful by the time you are in your 9th month. For that i used to sleep on a see of soft pillows!


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    By the way – the wedge shaped pillow was from Mothercare.


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