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    Hi, ladies, I have consulted 2-3 astrologers and the same thing every astrologer tells me… Either you won’t get married, if you get married also you would go through a divorce and you would get a unhappy life. So better to stay away from marriage. When parents get the same predictions from every astrologer they are tensed because they are a certain mismatch in every guy they saw. Please share your exeriences if you have gone through the same problem

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     mansi jain 

    I don’t believe in prediction until it’s a good thing :P But I would say why ruin your present because of something that might happen in future? If these astrologers can predict so well there wouldn’t be any fail marriage!

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    ShikhaSS ShikhaSS 

    First of all, I do not believe anyone can predict your future. In astrology, at least these days, everything comes with a loophole pooja or something. So, if you truly believe in astrology, go to a reputed astrologer as they might be able to suggest some solution. Do not ruin your life by constantly worrying about all this. If you wish to get married, give fair chance to prospective matches and do not rush into marriage.

    Don't Worry, Be Sexy! ;)

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     Saloni_fizzy sparkles 

    I do believe in astrology, but if they tell me I shouldn’t get married or my husband will die or something of that sort, then I am not going to believe it… ask the astrologer only ki uska uski biwi ke saath kya scene hai, koi problem nahi aati? :biggrin: Meet a good astrologer if you believe and as Shikha said, there is a solution to everything, so go with that :high5: :high5: if you keep worrying about it, it would be very late to find a partner.. bad things do happen after marriage also even agar 36 mese 36 gun mile ho.. that’s why stick to what your heart says and go for it :high5:

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    Thanks everyone…
    I got so much relief

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    Hi Mimly,

    I am a theist. But I do not believe much in astrology. My mom says astrologers are given a power by God that only 50% of whatever they say becomes true. The rest 50% does not. One of the astrologers told my sister if she passes in exam, that’s a fortune. It is highly unlikely that she gets first class in board exams. But She topped in the exams. :biggrin:

    Don’t take tension and ruin your present. Enjoy your present moments and give confidence to your parents. Wish you good luck :)

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