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    I have severe dandruff issues.. I have tried almost all the medicated anti dandruff shampoos.. nothing seems to work much for me..

    According to you, which is your holy grail anti dandruff shampoo?

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    Hi Meghna,

    I faced same issues along with many scalp issues like pimples . It was very annoying . I went to dermatologist and she suggested me a shampoo and a scalp solution. But my scalp will be clean only if I use those shampoo and solution. It comes back if I change anything.

    But I recently found out because of oiling my hair, I have been getting dandruff and scalp acne. I stopped oiling my hair. My scalp is better now. I use Body Shop Green Tea shampoo and conditioner. It does a pretty good job.

    I suggest you to find out the root cause for dandruff and then use a mild shampoo.

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    Hi Meghna,

    I have never found a solution to dandruff in shampoos. But the one thing which really helped me was applying the paste of neem leaves. Leave it on for 20 minutes and then wash your hair. It will make your hair dry, but within 4 to 5 uses dandruff will be gone.

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     Saloni_fizzy sparkles 

    Best Anti-Dandruff Shampoos in India

    here are a few :high5: :high5: I had minor dandruff once and clear shampoos worked really well for me :high5: do try that once… also there is this product called D’free :high5: also give that a shot :high5:

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    Hi Meghna,I think u should use organic neem oil by Kama Ayurveda or dr jain’s one night before shampoo. You should use ginger anti dandruff shampoo by THE BODYSHOP. You will get very good results. I am also using this. :smile:

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    Consult a dermatologist or if possible, a specialised doctor for hair- I think they are called trichologists. We will try random products from market :balle: and almost everything in kitchen :shy: , wasting money and effort but seek medical help only when things become almost irreversible.

    I am someone who who had hair so thick that some had to be cut so close to scalp so that it could be held in clips but almost bald now.
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