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    Hi girls
    I am going to learn swimming for the first time. What stuff should I buy and where would I find them online?

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     Saloni_fizzy sparkles 

    Jabong and myntra has the coolest swim wear ever :high5: frock styles swim suits are famous an they have good ones.. buy something that you will comfortable swimming in :high5:

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    Myntra has great options and I recently bought from them. The quality is great too and you can get various brand there.

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    I have been swimming for nearly 20 years so here are a few tips:

    – frock style swimsuits are a good idea and are comfortable so you can focus on swimming rather than the clothes

    – must have a good quality swim cap (unless you have pixie cut or very short hair hair), as chlorine water is damaging for hair and many swimming pools do not even allow swimmers without hair caps

    – you would also need some comfortable hair ties for the swim cap if you go for it

    – swimming goggles are also a good idea and are very helpful

    – nose plugs/ ear plugs are an annoyance more than being useful in my experience so can go without


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