Trousers or skirt what do you prefer?

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     mansi jain 

    In terms of comfort,style,look and every other factor combine, what do you prefer for formal wear and event or occassions ? I definitely prefer skirt more than trousers during presentation in college, some special events or even anchoring I prefer skirts because it looks so stylish and has a feminine touch to it. What is your preference? What do you like to wear more?

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    René René 

    Skirts. :high5:

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    ShikhaSS ShikhaSS 

    I am not a skirt person in any way, so I would choose trousers.

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    Suguna Suguna 

    Skirts!! Very comfortable & airy :rofl: :biggrin:

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     Saloni_fizzy sparkles 

    I always used to wear trousers in college for presentations :high5: :high5: wore a skirt once but trousers are always great :high5: :high5:

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    Suchitra Suchitra 

    I prefer trousers. They are comfortable and fuss free. And they are so easy to move in.

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    Trousers :smile:

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    Captain obvious Captain obvious 

    I find trousers more comfortable

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    Dheeptha Kumar Dheeptha Kumar 

    Trousers on any day! :biggrin:

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    Raka Raka 

    I always wear trousers for presentations and formal occasions. I think once or twice I wore a skirt, but didn’t really find it that comfy to run around. So, trousers for me :biggrin:

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    I wear trousers for presentations on festive occasions skirts look good

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     Smita T 

    Trousers !! I am definitely more comfortable in them. Also u find them easier to style, i somehow find skirts difficult to accessorize.

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    pllvb pllvb 

    I’ll prefer a skirt over trouser for a formal event. More feminine and graceful. But for everyday formal wear its trousers for me :smile:

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    Shuchita Shuchita 

    Skirts mostly since I came to the US. Skirts were out of question as physicians in India 10 years ago.
    The only exception is for formal occasions in winters, sometimes I wear trousers because stockings can run.

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