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    swatisen swatisen 

    Hi lovely people,

    I know life is not perfect. More often than not, we do completely different thing in life while our heart is set on something else due to various reasons like money problems(what you actually want to do pays less than what you are doing etc.)

    In a perfect world(which doesn’t exist), what would you want to do in life?
    Don’t write from money perspective. Write about your free desires.

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    I think I’m fairly doing what I want to do in life.

    One small wish is to see IMBB become even bigger, reach more makeup crazy junta around the world. :smile:

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    Esha Esha 

    Travel around the world, meet people, taste cuisines and take pictures. :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile:

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    Princess kee Princess kee 

    Shop shop shop..shop a lot..n not worry a bit bou d price tag. I love shopping..be it clothes..shoes..bags or makeup..I wish I could buy them all to my heart’s content. :dance:

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    Captain obvious Captain obvious 

    -Be a trend setter wherever I go
    Have a quirky dressing sense that everyone would like to follow
    -Be slim irrespective of the food I eat
    -Have some sort of strong social influence
    -Have a house that’s similar to the ones in hobbiton or rivendell shown in lord of the rings somewhere in the hilly regions
    -Make all my decisions myself
    -Expertise in a field of study that is important to the society and create something so that they just can’t do away with me :tongue:
    -Make friends with great minds
    -have a companion for life

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    Neet Neet 

    Nicely said swati often our dream work pays less (or sumtimes nothing like a volunteer task)than practical assigned work but there can be no greater blessing than to see yourself living the dreams. :high5: :dance: :dance: I am lucky that I am doing the work which I always dreamt of like grooming myself, representing myself in my best self, cooking gud flavorful food for loved ones, working out and taking care of myself, looking after a family, raising a beautiful daughter with lots of love and most important making my dream come true of walking ramp atleast once in life which i am currently doing. :dance: :dance:
    Not to forget IMBB MG simply enhanced those dreams manifold and made it so much easy to clear my vision about what I wanna do rather than what I shud do.. :yes:

    If you can dream it, you can do it..... :)

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    I would love to taste all the world’s cuisines; have a house that has garden AND lots of flowers, box full of chocolates everywhere and books to read, travel beaches and do yoga; have that awesome companion who loves me genuinely and is faithful with beaming eyes and beautiful face (for me heheheheh) be an expert in certain field and write books .. oh how I love this.. buy sustainable goods and organic products. would prepare exotic dishes (omg!! I am dreaming now :biggrin: :biggrin: )

    gratitude always

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    Sheetal Sheetal 

    I am not at the place which I had dreamt but I am quite happy and satisfied with my life :smile: however my dreams include travel the world meet the new people, :high5: read more and more books, :yes: publishing my own book, making my book review blog successful, having a home with dogs and cats, adopting a child and doing something for needy people. :smile:

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    Travelling different countries and starting a food business of my own :(


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    vandna jain vandna jain 

    I just want to be happy and rich :drool:


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     Saloni_fizzy sparkles 

    -Buying a house with my boyfriend who will be my husband in the next few years
    -Travel to new different destinations
    -Want IMBB to grow and grow and I think I am putting every bit to do so
    -Want to grow in every aspect; just want to become better and better than what I am :high5:

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     mansi jain 

    Be happy, travel, get a dog, Amazing work life, live in a nice apartment with my parents! That’s it.

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    Shuchita Shuchita 

    Do something recognizable as a cardiologist, travel widely and write a book someday.

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    aruna aruna 

    I just want to be the best version of myself and for me that means being fit, learning new skills and being content and at peace with myself. And yes what else I would want :balle: :balle: ? maybe a chance to travel once or twice a year internationally IN BUSINESS class :biggrin: :biggrin:

    (Btw, big time into Law of Attraction these days so I will say So Be it which means let this happen:))

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    I want to be healthy, want to travel in different countries, want to taste different cuisines, want a house in a very beautiful place surrounds by hills and river/sea away from maddening crowd.

    Dream job: a job where I have to read a lots of novel or a travel show host. :yes:

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    Shivangi.Chauhan Shivangi.Chauhan 

    Want to start a business.
    Travel the world.
    Buy/rent a house.
    Spend more time with my parents


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