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    Aanchal Aanchal 

    Hi guys, I am travelling from USA to India for three months after a long tym. I am carrying gifts and as well as personal items but since international travel doesnt provide much scope for luggage , I was wondering what makeup items I can put in my carry on? I know i cant carry makeup and concealers , can I put eyeshadow palettes , lipliners and makeup brushes in my carryon?
    Has anyone travelled to n from USA to India, did u faced any issues with carrying makeup in carryon?

    Also can i put watches (with the box they come in) in my carry on, they are gifts not personal. Since some of things are expensive I am hesitant put them in luggage..plz help out. :shy:


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    1. No liquids, even liquid lipsticks.
    2. In eyeshadow palette, if there is a foam-like thin film kept between the eyeshadows and the container remove that. Rest is fine.
    3. No scissors, nail filers, any pointy things etc.
    4. One or two watches should be fine. However, not so many that it looks like you are taking them for selling/business etc. Especially since you are taking them with packaging.

    There are things that you should SPECIALLY TAKE in your cabin baggage and not check in luggage because they are liable to make the security officers checking your bag open your bag. So it is better you keep them in your cabin baggage only-
    1. Laptop, camera, phones (samsung especially), batteries. Don’t keep any of these in your check in baggage. Take them along with you in the cabin baggage.

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    Aanchal Aanchal 

    Tanku for the advice, I have some more doubts in mind.
    In multiple items I am carying two watches 4 handbags,and in makeup I am carrying few lipsticks ,makeup brushesand few lipliners(i have created two kits each one of consists of everything from primer to setting spray, one is mine and one is for my sis.both are kept in seperate luggage bags.) and lots of chocolates, everything is for personal use and gifting also. All lugguage is split into two luggage bags and one cabinbag.
    Do you think it will still raise a flag in check in to security to open up my bag.
    I have never internationally entered India, so little nervous about security as I heard they put heavy customs n all. And there were reports of sstuff being stolen also.I dont why, But i am alot nervous.


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    In my opinion, do not keep watches in the box they come in. Bring them as your personal effects.
    4 handbags are not considered as in commercial quantity so you can carry them easily. [Don’t about makeup :( ]

    Upto Rs. 50000, you can carry other items without attracting customs duty, i.e, 36.05%

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    U know they weigh carry on also right? You can carry liquid bottles which are less than 3 oz not exceeding 30oz in total. But you have to keep them in a zipped , transparent cover(I use ziplock). You have to take out this from carry on and keep separate during scan. So I never carry more than what is required for me in between terminals or in the flight. Except makeup put all other expensive electronics or watches in carry on. I travelled many time and my check in bag was opened (they keep a note inside in such case). But never a thing was stolen. U can keep handbags in Checkin. Be light on carry on depending on your airline. Except British Airways, all other airways have weight limit on carry bag

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    Except for TV and gold, I have not seen them putting customs . My port of entry was always Bangalore


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