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    As we have seen the emergence of many Indian youtube bloggers; Do let me know your favorites and why? :smile: :smile:

    gratitude always

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    Captain obvious Captain obvious 

    Sjlovesjewelry, Delhi fashion blogger , mrjovitageorge among the beauty one’s.
    Besides them , planet parle, jusreign and holly shit

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      Captain obvious Captain obvious 

      I like product reviews by the first two bloggers. Mrjovitageorge for her sense of humour . She has great makeup tutorials for those with dark skin.
      Planet Parle and jus reign are really funny. Love how that guy from holly shit analyses stupidity in bollywood

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    justgossip justgossip 

    Captain obvious same same :pompom: :dance:
    Sjlovesjewelry n Delhi fashion blogger.
    Both are genuine love sj for her confidence and komal bcoz she is sweet and cute. :smile: :yes:

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    I like Corallista..she is very cute and quite an expert in makeup..I love Kaushal Beauty..I think she stays in London, but she is an Indian…She is also very beautiful and a makeup expert..I like Superwoman also, she is so funny..

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    I mostly watch comedy/entertainment youtube channels. My favorites are Mostly sane, Rikshawali, Scoopwhoop, Clevver style, AIB, East India Comedy, Shirley Setia and Superwoman. :smile:

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    AIB, kaushalbeauty.

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    Sumedha Sumedha 

    Sherry Shroff.. she does really fun videos! I love her Gotta Shop and Gotta Eat videos a lot!! :dance:

    Earth without art is just 'Eh'.

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    ShikhaSS ShikhaSS 

    AIB, TVF and BB ki Vines :hihi:

    Don't Worry, Be Sexy! ;)

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    Sheetal Sheetal 

    I love Ricshawali, Nishamadulika, Poonam borkar for creative stuff, Shruti Anand for beauty :smile: :smile:

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    my girllllll.. just love her videos.
    :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:

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     Saloni_fizzy sparkles 

    I like Kaushal beauty.. however I have been following the international youtubers more since they always come up with some new trends that have not been started here :high5: however I will start following the ones mentioned in this post now :high5:

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    Thank you everyone, it was real nice to know that. Mine are Komal from Delhifashionblogger, she is just sweet and down to earth person, her cuteness :dance:
    AIB and Arushi Jain, this newbie is so good, has very clear voice, opines really well and yes does not shout or scream (i prefer straightforward and honest and calm person)

    gratitude always

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    i like SJ coz i can see her trying hard…for me that is an important aspect in any person, as long as you are honestly trying, you can hardly go wrong. :cool:

    Love me for a reason, let the reason be love.... :)

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    None for me as I don’t follow any of them.


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    Sjlovesjewlry , farahdhukai,Kaushal beauty , superprincessjo, mrjovitageorge, Shruti Arjun ,Himani wright

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    Shreya Smita Shreya Smita 

    Superwoman, AIB, Kaushalbeauty, Sherry Shroff.
    The latest one is funky professor.
    And I also love Poonam and Priyanka Shah. they have a very few uploads but I simplylove their dance

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    jaanu13 jaanu13 

    Kaushal beauty,corallista in Indian ones.I like some other international blogger too.for recipes Nisha madhulika :smile:

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    delhi fashion blogger

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    himamini11 himamini11 

    I like shruti iArjun anand , corralista , debashree and jovita in Indian bloggers
    Tati , Emily Neol, total makeup junkie , Rach Loves and Nikkia Joy in international bloggers

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    Sjlovesjewelry, myhappinesz, coralista, Nisha madhulikar are my favorites :biggrin: :biggrin: :high5:

    Sj because I feel she is really honest..

    Myhappinesz because she is soooooooooooooooooooo cute and adorable.. she doesn’t have great makeup skills but her daily diaries and product recommendations are really good.. on her recommendation I bought the Mac cleanse off oil..She swears by it n now so do I…

    Coralista- she is quite and expert in makeup n I like her tutorials..They are usually not OTT… Her videos are no-nonsense vedios.. she has a soothing voice and is very pretty..

    Nisha madhulikar because who doesn’t like to cook n eat yummy food?? :biggrin: :biggrin:

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     mansi jain 

    AIB, FilterCopy, the timeliners for great content
    Corallista, Lisa elridge for makeup
    Sejal and lArissa for fashion and lifestyle videos

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    Chayanti Chayanti 

    I like Khushal Beauty, SJ, even Myhappinez too. :makeup: From other platforms, BB Ki Vines, AIB 😂😂 :biggrin:


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