Working woman or a Housewife-What would you like to be if given a choice?

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     Saloni_fizzy sparkles 

    Some women prefer to work at their workplaces while some want to become housewives.. With Mira Rajput creating bold statements there has been a lot of controversies around.. What would you like to be if given a choice.. Would you love to be a home-maker or would you like to work? :high5: :high5:

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    I am a confused soul. I absolutely enjoy my job but feel guilty almost everyday for not giving enough time to kids. :sad: I feel some day the Mom in me will win and I will quit this job.

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    Nidhi Nidhi 

    I would want both! As of now I work full-time, and get tired /bored on weekends if we don’t have any plans. So, I don’t know if I can be a home-maker. So, I would want 1 month as home-maker, and 1 month as full-time working :biggrin: :biggrin:

    If I need the moon, I'll bring it down myself!

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    I am a working woman . I would definitely want to have a balanced personal and professional life.

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     Smita T 

    I read about Mira Rajput’s statements as well. Its sad that celebrities face backlash on any statement they make. Its her choice to be a house wife yaar, she obviously knows the pros and cons. We can either agree or disagree with her, but we have no right to criticise her choice. Personally I would like to be a working woman as long as possible, if nothing at least work part- time. But its definitely an individual choice.

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      ShikhaSS ShikhaSS 

      Yes, celebs also have the right to say anything but they cannot go out and claim that working women treat their kids as puppies. :nono:

      Don't Worry, Be Sexy! ;)

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       Smita T 

      She said that?? Was not aware. That’s an irresponsible statement to make.

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    WorkiNg woman and I guess we can manage both.

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    Entrepreneur…would like to manage my own business where I am d boss..and I can have a more flexible timing.

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    Captain obvious Captain obvious 

    I want to get married to a rich hot guy. Neither earn money and get household work done by maids. And then go around shitting on women who are working their asses off to make their ends meet by calling them irresponsible and saying they “treat theit kids like puppies”.

    Mira rajput is a privileged woman. She can exercise the choice of staying at home and spending as much time possible -something which an ordinary woman does not enjoy. And she goes around shaming them while she herself has done nothing much commamdable herself. She is participating in the same mommy war which she says standing against in the first place.

    I will never ever put her in the same category as housewives who work from morning 6 till 11 at night. I have never seen these women be so insecure about public perception of their work that they go around putting other women down. :nono:

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      ShikhaSS ShikhaSS 

      Very well said, Captain. :jaiho:

      Don't Worry, Be Sexy! ;)

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    I would actually like a combination. I love working and I love my job. My passion is writing and I work as a journalist. However, I do feel that in the future when I have kids I would rather be a stay-at-home mom. I would like to continue writing from home while actually being home for my family. Best of both worlds if it works out.

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    Shuchita Shuchita 

    I cannot be a housewife- I even get bored if I am not constantly busy at work. I hated my forced maternity leave (due to pregnancy issues) and the time when I sat at home for 2.5 months post-marriage in the US. I have survived busy medical training with overnight and weekend stays at the hospital with a baby. And my son knows mommy works and studies at home too. I hope I can continue working as long as I live.
    I actually feel uncomfortable in the typical suburban mom role. I cannot organize birthday parties, bake cookies, or cook delicious meals. Instead I prefer to earn enough to delegate all these responsibilities to others.

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    nupoor_n nupoor_n 

    I would like to retire early and do whatever I want. Why are there only two stereotypes – Working and housewife.
    I would rather earn well, retire early and do something I find my interest taking me without worrying about the money or a baby.

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    pllvb pllvb 

    I am a working woman by choice even today. It gives me independence, perspective, joy, interaction with other people and a sense of identity and all these factors are very important to me. It’s an extension of my personality.

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     mansi jain 

    I don’t mind any of them and i will do as the situations need! if i had to quit my job for my baby I will. Though i don’t wanna have a baby in the first place but I know that is not possible living in India. I don’t see anyone as a lesser counterpart. every one has their own need,commitment and issues so i just feel like,neither working women should judge a full time homemaker(think people bashing meera rajput) and vice versa

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    Suchitra Suchitra 

    I would like to do both. I am a working woman and am blessed to have my mother in law take good care of my son. That support system does contribute to my desire to continue working. But I would rather spend some quality time with my son and spend time earning enough money to satisfy his needs and my small wants as well. :hihi: Best of both worlds for me. Only thing is I would like to spend less time on travel and be able to spend it with my son. #Mumbaitrains

    Be Positive and Keep Smiling! You are beautiful!!!

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    I prefer to remain working woman. I will go crazy and bored to death if I have to be a housewife.

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