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    Guys, has anyone used wow shampoos? Is their no sls claim true? I am so tempted to buy one, no review so on imbb 😒.

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    my friend is using their shampoo. earlier it used to make her hair little dry as it is sulphate free but now it perfectly suits her. she bought 2nd bottle already. you can totally give it a try..

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     Saloni_fizzy sparkles 

    You can try it .. I have never tried it :high5: but since they claim that it is SLS free, then it would be true :high5:

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    I checked it’s ingredient list and it’s far better than lots of shampoos in the market. Yes its sulfate and paraben free, but it contain silicone. I am guessing silicone are there to make hair smoother & justify their claims that they have ACV and argan oil which makes hair smooth. It’s definitely worth trying once I guess :smile:

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